When Is The 11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date Going To Be Revealed?

11.22.63 is science fiction that is based on friction between present and past. If someone gets the reward of asking whatever they want then what it would be one will ask and use this chance. In most cases, someone will ask for millions of dollars or be a billionaire for a lifetime or have a big luxurious house. This is what comes to someone’s mind if they are asked to make a choice or wish which will be granted surely. But when this chance is given to our protagonist of the story of 11.22.63 he chooses of going back to the past many years ago during the time of independence.

Jake Epping, the protagonist of the story of 11.22.63 was awarded the chance to ask anything he wanted. Jake Epping, the hero of our story, just got divorced from the love of his life Lisbon Maine. And after that, he gets the chance to ask or wish for anything he wants. But the wish she made was weird and unusual. He chooses to go back to the time which was even before his birth. He went to the time of the 1960s. The only reason he is chosen this time is that he wants to stop the assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy which happened on November 22, 1963, in reality.

After entering the time of 1960 he started together information and making plans through which he can Stop The Assassination of United States President John F. Kennedy. But with passing time one thing was very evident in his life that he was getting fond of the life he was living in the past time of 1960.

The whole series was very interesting and thrilling many unexpected events had been shown in the series. But very few episodes had been shown in the series which made the fans and viewers a bit upset because they wanted more episodes that could be more entertaining to them. But after the end of 11.22.63 season 1, the fans and the followers became more curious towards the end of the story. Many fans and the followers who have been looking forward to 11.22.63 season 2 here we come with the update regarding 11.22.63 season 2.

11.22.63 Season 2 Cast

11.22.63 Season 2 Cast
11.22.63 Season 2 Cast

The cast of 11.22.63 Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet by the makers and the production so we cannot assure anything about the 11.22.63 Season 2 cast. But looking at the storyline and the ending of 11.22.63 Season 1 we can assume that in 11.22.63 Season 2 we might see the same character as season 1 some characters might add to the list of casts about which we don’t know yet. S let’s have a look at the cast of 11.22.63 Season 1

  • James Franco played the role of  Jake Epping / George Amberson
  • Chris Cooper played the role of  Al Templeton
  • Sarah Gadon played the role of  Sadie Dunhill
  • Lucy Fry played the role of  Marina Oswald
  • George MacKay played the role of  Bill Turcotte
  • Daniel Webber played the role of  Lee Harvey Oswald
  • Recurring and guest
  • Cherry Jones played the role of  Marguerite Oswald
  • Kevin J. O’Connor played the role of  the Yellow Card Man
  • T. R. Knight played the role of  Johnny Clayton
  • Josh Duhamel played the role of  Frank Dunning
  • Joanna Douglplayed the role of playing the role of  Doris Dunning
  • Nick Searcy played the role of  Deke Simmons
  • Jonny Coyne played the role of  George de Mohrenschildt
  • Tonya Pinkins played the role of  Mimi Corcoran
  • Brooklyn Sudano played the role of  Christy Epping
  • Leon Rippy played the role of  Harry Dunning
  • Juliette Angelo played the role of  Bobbi Jill Allnut
  • Braeden Lemplayed the role of ters played the role of  Mike Coslaw
  • Anthony Colonello played the role of  Clifford
  • Gregory North played the role of  General Edwin Walker
  • Gil Bellows played the role of  Agent Hosty
  • Grantham Coleman played the role of  Bonnie Ray Williams
  • Michael O’Neill played the role of  Arliss Price
  • Annette O’Toole played the role of  Edna Price
  • Antoni Corone played the role of  Jack Ruby
  • Bob Stephenson played the role of  Silent Mike
  • Wilbur Fitzgerald played the role of  Captain Will Fritz
  • Constance Towers played the role of  Old Sadie

11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date 

11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date
11.22.63 Season 2 Release Date

11.22.63  First Season was released on February 15  and continued till April 4, 2016, following season 1 fan and viewers of 11.22.63 looking forward to 11.22.63 season 2.

Looking at the releasing pattern of the seasons the fans of the 11.22.63 show expected an announcement of 11.22.63 Season 2 but there is no announcement or information available to them yet. So the fans and the viewers desperately ask one question: when 11.22.63 Season 2 is going to release or is it going to release? r not. So here we come? with the update. It is too fast to query about 11.22.63 Season 2 because in June of 2020 11.22.63 Season 1 ended and second of all there is still no announcement or information available about 11.22.63 Season the release date.

11.22.63 Season 2 Trailer 

As we know after the end of 11.22.63 Season 1 the fans and followers were looking forward to season 2. They were eagerly waiting for a trailer of 11.22.63 Season 2 but there is still no information or announcement regarding 11.22.63 Season 2. So no trailer has come on to screen yet.

Where To Watch 11.22.63 Season 2?

As we just informed 11.22.63 Season 2 has not been released yet so it is not available on any ott platform. But the previous season of 11.22.63 is available on the official app of Hulu. One can go and stream it right away.

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