4400 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline, Updates, and More

4400 is an American science fiction mysterious genre. This television series, designed by Anna Fricke and Ariana Jackson. The 4400, is ready to bring more science fiction (Sci-fi) to the network.  Country of origin of ‘The 4400’, United States, language English. It is one of the most unique shows, premiered in the early 2000s. The 4400, deals with a group of 4400 people, who were missed since 1946, and their sudden return to Washington in 2004, would affect society.

They returned without aging even a day, have no idea how they got there. There are about four seasons, from 2004 to 2007. The reboot of ‘The 4400’, will be different from the original show and adjusted to modern times. Here the interesting facts about “the 4400”.

4400 Release Date

4400 Release Date

It is a reboot of the 2004 TV series and is set to premiere on October 25 – 2021, on The CW network. You can watch the series on Netflix.

4400 Cast and Characters

4400 Cast and Characters
Joseph David – JonesJharrel
Kailah JohnsonLadonna
Brittany AdebumolaShanice
Jaye LadymoreClaudette
Amarr WootenHayden
TL ThompsonDr. Andre
Cory JeacomaLogan
Iron RoachKeisha
Derrick A. KingRev Johnson
Autumn BestMildred


  • Anna Fricke
  • Ariana Jackson
  • Sunil Nayar
  • Laura Terry

According to the deadline announcement, Darrick A. King portrayed as Reverend (Rev) Johnson, a minister or a man of faith who vanished in the 1900s. he comes from a powerful, wealthy, affluent church family in Chicago. He becomes a great leader of the 4400. TL Thompson as Dr. Andre, a transgender doctor from Harlem, who vanished in the 1920s. His medical skills are outdated, so he struggles to adjust to 2021 and able to treat his fellow 4400 or returnees. Khaimah Johnson has been cast as Ladonna, a party girl, and a TV star.

She used to get what she really wants and disappeared in 2015, on her 21st birth anniversary. Cory Jeacoma as Logan, a single father Shanice’s husband, most caring, supportive husband. Shanice vanished in 2005, which forced her daughter and husband to lead a life without her. She returns to him, but it throws a loop to him since she hasn’t aged at all. Brittany Adebumola will play Shanice, a lawyer who disappeared in 2005.

She returns, but things are not perfect with her family. Later, she becomes an advocate for 4400. Jaye Ladymore will be playing Claudette, who was an active woman in the Civil Rights movement in the 1950s. She will adjust to her circumstances quickly, and she realizes that this year i.e., 2021 offers an opportunity, to portrait differently. Amarr Wooten as Hayden, a teen – institutionalized in 1930, who doesn’t speak, as he was suffered from trauma in the past.

He is compassionate and also privy to the information. Iron Roach will play Keisha, a parole officer. She used to manage and may help in monitoring the 4400. She experienced a tragedy, that put her anxious regarding the effect of the 4400 on society. Joseph David – Jones as Jharrel, a social worker who was assigned to 4400 same as Keisha. The clashes between them increased day by day, due to their different ideologies, working styles, and beliefs. Finally, Autumn Best has been cast as Mildred, a teen from the 1970s. She is too smart, a deep observer, and has no problem moving on from her past life.

Plot & synopsis of 4400 What to expect?

Plot & synopsis of 4400 What to expect

According to Deadline, the reboot of ‘the 4400’ may use the same basic storyline, as the first show. This genre deals with 4400 people who have disappeared, returned to the present, and the effect on society. Instead of Washington, around the 4400 may return to Detroit, Michigan. The major difference between the reboot and the first show is that the new genre will focus on ‘undervalued, overlooked or marginalized disappeared people’.

The government digs deep to understand the phenomenon, to analyze the threat. Joseph David – Jones (an empathetic social worker), Iron Roach (community corrections officer), were called to deal with uncanny refugees. The clashes between new partners arise gradually. A cast of time travelers returns with few upgrades, and have no memory of how they get there.

4400 Trailer

The CW has released a teasing image, that hyping its upcoming Television reboot series called ‘The 4400’. So far, the trailer for the new 4400 hasn’t released.


According to Deadline reports, the American network mystery series “The 4400”, is going to telecast on the 25th of October 2021. The series deals with 4400 people who have disappeared all over the world, a few years ago. They returned with no memory that what had happened to them. The return of these people could affect modern society. The series will be premiered on Netflix for international viewers. We will notify you more interesting updates regarding trailer, and many other soon.