Alba Season 2 Release Date, and Renewal Status

Alba Season 2 is awaited by all of us ever since we familiarised ourselves with the story of Alba Llorens. The show is a Spanish drama series. The first season of the show had thirteen episodes. The creators of the show are Carlos Martin and Ignasi Rubio. The first season had a whopping IMDB rating of 6.7/10.

The show follows the story of a girl named Alba Llorens who mysteriously finds herself on the beach and figures out that she was gang-raped by four men. The show is not about pity or sympathy but her struggle to bring them to justice. Alba series was originally made by Atresmedia and Boomerang TV and was bought by Netflix, series will soon be available there.

While little to no people know the fact that Alba is actually an adaptation to another Turkish drama show  Fatmagulun Sucu Ne?. The show also had an Indian adaptation in Hindi “Kya Qusoor Hai Amla Ka?”.

Alba Season 2 Plot

Alba Season 2 Plot
Alba Season 2 Plot

Alba Season 2 will follow the story of Alba Llorens again. While there is little to nothing information that can spoil the beautiful series for us, there are certain things that can be easily predicted. The story will continue where they left us with season 1. The first season was about how Alba fights for justice.

Alba is not a weak, fragile, girl. She is depicted as a strong character who is not going to take the tantrums that the world throws at her. She fights her family, her friends, and even the justice system of Madrid as she realizes how the world is harder for a woman who is simply asking for justice.

Alba is a feminist series but do not think that this stopped Carlos and Ignasi from spicing the drama and flair in the series. There are so many things that went in the first thing and we can expect even more chaos from the second one.

Alba Season 2 Cast

Alba had an amazing cast in the first season. And we come bearing good news for everyone who loved the cast, a majority of them are coming back. If and when we hear a piece of official news about season 2 we can conclude that the season 1 cast is coming back, while there may be new additions, and let’s wait for official news to confirm that cast. But here are a few season 1 cast that will be seen in Alba Season 2.

  • Elena Rivera as Alba Llorens
  • Eric Masip as Bruno Costa
  • Alvaro Rico as Jacobo Enterrios
  • Adriana Ozores as Mercedes
  • Jorge Silvestre as Tirso
  • Miquel Fernandez as Cesar Valdivieso
  • Pol Hermoso as Ruben Enterrios

There will be some amazing star casts in the second season as well.

Alba Season 2 Release Date

Alba Season 1 is yet to be released on Netflix. It is coming to Netflix on July 15, 2022. This can certainly mean that there is going to be an Alba Season 2. But there is some bad news for the fans of the show, we have no official statement regarding when we can see the second season of the show.

This can however be predicted. If we go by reality, we might be able to see Alba Season 2 in late 2023 or early 2024. But now that Netflix has taken Alba’s story we are sure there is going to be more drama to witness.

Alba Season 1 Recap

Alba Season 2 is going to follow the steps of the first season. Creators had a vision for this show as they adapted the story of the Turkish Drama which was released around 2010. The story begins as a young university girl named Alba Llorens finds herself on the beach after being gang-raped by four boys last night. The whole plot is set in Madrid. She has absolutely no memory of the last night.

When the DNA tests arrive they show the semen of four men and the video of Alba’s rape appears. Bruno then proceeds to get a threat call that tells him to leave the town with Alba. The show has a lot of turns and the very first shocking truth surfaces, as Alba finds out about Bruno’s involvement in the rape video.

Later in the story, the videotape of Alba’s rape gets public and all four men, Jacobo, Rubén, Hugo, and Bruno face the consequences of the same. Alba Llorens proceeds to look for a lawyer to help her in the upcoming trial while the men try to find something in Alba’s past to use against her.

Then it is revealed that Alba is actually not the first person who is accusing Enterrios of the rape. The Enterrios because of their money and power had been able to successfully deflect any accusations thrown at them. Mercedes tries to have the trial declared void by revealing her relationship with Manuel Cruz. Hugo commits suicide, unable to handle the pressure any longer. Bruno tries to earn the Entrerríos’ trust back.

In the final thirteenth episode, The Entrerríos take to extreme measures to keep the truth hidden at all costs. Alba and Bruno come up with a risky plan to expose the Entrerríos’ crimes in one go.

Alba Season 2 is going to continue from here. Alba has still not gotten justice for the crimes that she was subjected to. The show had many twists and turns in it. It was never a straightforward show that followed one trail of the story but a show about the reality of the patriarchal and misogynist society we live in. Where it is extremely hard for a woman who was raped to get justice especially when the ones who raped her were powerful, rich, and privileged.

Where to watch Alba Season 2?

While the drama series was originally on Atresplayer and could be watched with the Atresplayer premium. It has been taken over by Netflix and season one of the show is going to air on Netflix this 15 July. We can tell you that you will be seeing the second season of the show on Netflix as well.

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