All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained.

All rise is an American television series created by Greg Spottiswood. It premiered on September 23, 2019. This series has successfully aired for three seasons. But after the 10th episode of season3, the series has taken a mid-season break.

The 10th episode of the series ended with a lot of twists and cliffhangers. Here’s a detailed explanation of the ending of All Rise.

All Rise Season 3 Recap

 All Rise Season 3 Recap
All Rise Season 3 Recap

The series is about a newly appointed Judge, Lola Carmichael. The series shows how people balance their professional and personal life. This season deals with an Instagram influencer who accused an athlete of assault, a wrongly accused prisoner having a chance of release, and the characters’ personal lives.

This season showed an in-depth view of Judge Lola’s personal life outside the courtroom and how she struggles to keep her position as a Judge. 

All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained.

All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained.
All Rise Season 3 Ending Explained.

The season finale begins with Lola Carmichael, Robin Taylor, Luke Watkins, and Emily Lopez having a cute moment together in The hall Of Justice.

Meanwhile, Judges Thomas Marshall and Jonas Laski are trying to replace Lisa Benner as presiding judge. Amy’s ex-husband Collier shows up at the Audubon & Quinn offices as her fiance Mark Callan has set up his meeting with Collier. Collier finds out that Amy hasn’t told Mark their divorce papers have been signed and asks her if she has any second thoughts. Amy is fuming mad because Mark didn’t tell her about this meeting.

Vanessa also finds out she passed the bar exam on the second try. Mark and Teddy Biswas are getting ready for their first day in court on the Brandon Page case. She insisted on offering Maddy Hernandez protected custody while Emily and Mark reassured Maddy.

Ness meets Brandon’s friend Leo Sykes in the elevator at the Hall Of Justice. In Courtroom, Andre was representing Page. He filed a motion to suppress all the evidence they received through the search warrant. Lola agrees to the motion, requests more time, and drags Andre to her chambers. She begs him to stop trying to create a name for himself in the courtroom, but he starts questioning her marriage.

Meanwhile, Ness gets stabbed by Brandon’s friend in the stairwell. She faints and leaves a trail of blood on the wall. She ends up dropping her phone down the stairs.

Amy also runs into Leo while Lola makes Mark start the trial immediately. Andre argues that Brandon never explicitly told his followers to commit any crimes. Still, Mark points out he didn’t have to.

 Maddie tells Emily about how Leo could cause her harm, and Leo posts a social media video asking Brandon’sBrandon’s followers to attack the Hall Of Justice. Teddy tries to warn Mark, but the call goes to voicemail, so he goes to the courthouse along with Sara.

Brandon’s followers show up at the courthouse. Emily is asked to lock and not come out. Teddy and Sara also show up, while Amy finally finds Ness and Lola’sLola’s courtroom is evacuated before the group destroys it.

Robin and the U.S. Attorney met with the Sheriff’s Department to discuss the “teenage bloodbath.” Lola is left alone with Andre, and they start talking about their college breakup, and he eventually apologizes.

Mark gets a call from Amy, who is trying to save Ness but Mark wasn’t allowed to leave. Luke ends up meeting Leo when he starts shooting up the place. He ends up closing the elevator door and protecting himself.

Leo goes inside Teddy’s room and tries to kill Emily. Still, Luke shows up with a weapon, and Emily hits Leo in the head. Luke tells Emily how much he loves her. Robin and the U.S. Attorney arrive at the Hall of Justice, bring the citation under control, and arrest Leo.

Robin tells Mark and Amy that Ness is on the way to the hospital. Mark and Robin share a hug before Mark goes back to Courtroom 802. Mark announces that Page is now officially the U.S. Attorney’sAttorney’s problem.

Sara holds a wounded Teddy on the floor, and Mark calls for help. The episode ends with Andre trying to comfort Lola and them kissing while Robin walks in on them.

The show is streaming on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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