Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date, Cast, and Expectations

The first season of Archive 81 left all of us gripping the edges of our seats, confused, bewildered, shocked, and eager to know what happens next. The horror mystery was infused with drama and emotion was, without a doubt, perfection in itself.

The first season ended on an abrupt, unrevealing note. It left viewers glued to the screen and imbibed in mystery, and left them wondering what would come next.

As Dan dives headfirst into the mystery of the Visser building, rescuing Melody becomes his sole purpose and goal- he believes with all his heart that he can save her from the death she faced in the fire.

You expect nothing but the best when Rebecca Thomas directs half the season, James Wan produces, and Rebecca Sonnenshine plays showrunner, and this show does not disappoint.

Here’s the burning question: when and will Archive 81 return with season 2?

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date
Archive 81 Season 2 Release Date

Season one was dropped on 14 January 2022, on Netflix. While there hasn’t been a clear cut greenlight that there will be a season two, the cliffhanger ending and the words of Sonnenshine determine otherwise.

Also, since season one dropped rather recently, chances are Netflix is still evaluating viewership. Yet, here’s a ray of possibility: the show has been vaguely derived through a podcast, one that has multiple seasons.

So, here’s an estimation: there is a high possibility of season 2, which is likely to release not before February 2023.

Archive 81 Season 2 Cast

Archive 81 Season 2 cast
Archive 81 Season 2 cast

Here lies the obvious: the lead roles of Dan and Melody played by Mamoudou Athie and Dina Shihabi can obviously not be discontinued. Apart from them, here is a list of all the appearances that are most likely to occur.

Martin DonovanVirgil
Matt McGorryMark
Julia ChanAnabelle
Evan JonigkeitSamuel
Ariana NealJess
Kate EastmanTamara Stefano
Kristin GriffithCassandra Wall
Charlie Hudson IIISteven Turner
Eden MarryshowJohn Smith
Sol MirandaBeatriz

Archive 81 Season 2 – What to Expect

Archive 81 Season 2 - What to Expect
Archive 81 Season 2 – What to Expect

Dan was stuck in the otherworld at the end of season 1 in his quest to save Melody, and when he finally got close to her rescue, she was forced back throw the door and Dan remains trapped in the otherworld.

In the finale, Melody saved Jess, and Dan managed to save Melody. He wakes up in 1994 NYC, right after Visser’s burning down.

In season two, we expect to see Dan’s story in the otherworld, and Melody trying to save him with the help of Mark and her mother. We can also expect Melody to still be in danger from Samuel in her mission to save Dan. We know he’s out there somewhere, and we know he’ll do everything he can to bring the demon back.

 It goes without saying that we might get Dan’s backstory in the second season, and a glimpse of the 90’s cast who survived the Visser fire.

What Does the Cast and Crew Say About Season 2?

Cast and Crew Say About Season 2
Cast and Crew Say About Season 2

Showrunner Rebecca Sonnenshine, in a recent interview, said “Thematically, our characters have been searching for something that they wanted to know. Who are their parents, or who are they? They have all these answers now, but now they have to deal with the fallout of that. That’s kind of the emotional landscape that we’re going for.”

She also hinted toward the timeline flip storyline by saying, “Dan doesn’t have Mark anymore, and now they’re going to have to forge these new relationships with people to work together. That’s always what’s very funny to me, when you can shake up a show and have people now be paired up with other people. They have scenes with people that you never would’ve expected them to have, which is very exciting.”

About Kaelego, she said, “I would say that we diverge from the podcast, so I think there’s lots of things that are up for grabs in Season 2, but Kaelego, he’s our demon. He’s our guy.” Translation: prepare yourself for greater hauntings in the next season.

We’re just as excited for season two as you are. How will Melody save Dan? What will be the consequences? Will Samuel be back?

All we can do is wait and find out!

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