Banana Fish Season 2 Release Date and Future Possibilities

Banana Fish Season 2 is one of the most talked-about anime, with fans unable to get enough of Ash’s adventures on screen. However, two years after the anime’s debut, there has been no word on whether or not the second season will be released.

Banana Fish is a manga that was first published in 1985 but was just animated in 2018. It has proven to be relevant even after years of production, with fans unable to get enough of the plot. Is a second season of Banana Fish doable, without further ado?

Banana Fish May 1985 and ran until April 1994. After two decades, the manga was translated into an anime by MAPPA, a Japanese anime studio, and it was published on July 6, 2018. After the first season, it has a total of 24 episodes.

Studio MAPPA is also known for popular anime such as Jujutsu Kaisen, which has made a name for itself in recent years. Fans are still excited for season 2 three years after the anime’s final episode was released.

Banana Fish Season 1 Plot

Banana Fish Season 1 Plot
Banana Fish Season 1 Plot

Banana Fish begins with the narrative of Aslan Jade Callenreese, also known as Ash Lynx, a wayward youngster who was abducted from the streets of New York City and nurtured by Dino Golzine, an iconic mafia godfather.

After a few years, Ash is 17 and is responsible for his seriously mentally ill brother, Griffin Callenreese.

He has a hideout in an underground bar where he met a mortally wounded man who gave him a vial of an unknown substance and an address before dying after muttering “banana fish.” The man muttered the same word that Griffin muttered after returning from the Iraq War.

At the pub, Ash’s friend Skip introduces him to Japanese photographer Shunichi Ibe and his sidekick, Eiji Okumura, who are covering American street gangs.

Shorter Wong, one of Ash’s buddies, phones to warn him about Dino, interrupting their talk. Dino’s men raid the pub soon after, kidnapping Skip and Eiji in the ensuing mayhem.

Now Ash must find a way to save them while continuing his probe into Banana Fish, but will his background with the mafia stop him?

Is Banana Fish Coming Back for a Season 2?

Is Banana Fish Coming Back for a Season 2
Is Banana Fish Coming Back for a Season 2

It’s been two years since the last episode of the original anime aired. Aniplex, Dentsu, Movic, Fuji TV, and Shogakukan collaborated on Banana Fish, which was animated by Mappa Studios.

It’s a 24-episode anime that will air between July 6 and December 21, 2018. It’s based on Akimi Yoshida’s shoujo manga, which she wrote and illustrated.

From 1985 through 1994, Banana Fish was serialized in Bessatsu Shoujo Comic, a monthly manga magazine.

The manga has a total of nineteen volumes, and it was last serialized on September 26, 1994.

There has been no word from Mappa or the author about the second season of Banana Fish. Despite the fact that the anime has serialized the entire Banana Fish series in only 24 episodes, there is a slim probability that Banana Fish may return to the screen.

But it’s too early to draw that conclusion, as Banana Fish’s captivating tale expertly crosses the gap between shoujo and shonen manga viewers.

So far, the anime has an 8.51 rating from MyAnimeList’s more than 200,000 members, and it is placed 104 on the Top Anime page, with total popularity of 226.

Banana Fish Season 2 Plot

Banana Fish Season 2 Plot
Banana Fish Season 2 Plot

If a second season is made, it does not appear to be conceivable without our primary character Ash. So, is Ash truly gone?

Some fans are unable to accept the death of their favourite character. Despite being stabbed, there was no blood on the ground, and after all the hardships, such a death is extremely unjust, even for the writers.

Perhaps a second season will see Ash and Eiji reunited. Unfortunately, these forecasts remain near impossible.

Banana Fish Season 1 episode list with manga equivalent.

Anime EpisodeTitleManga Equivalent
1A Perfect Day for BananafishVol.1 Ch.1 to half of Ch.3 (137 pages)
2In Another CountryLast half of Vol.1 Ch.3 to ~1/3 of Vol.2 (108 pages)
3Across the River and Into the TreesThe next half of Vol.2 (88 pages)
4This Side of ParadiseThe rest of Vol.2 to ~1/4 of Vol.3 Ch.2 (105 pages)
5From Death to MorningThe rest of Vol.3 Ch.2 to half of Vol.3 Ch.3 (80 pages)
6My Lost CityLast half of Vol.3 Ch.3 to Vol.4 Ch.1 (91 pages)
7The Rich BoyThe rest of Vol.4 (125 pages)
8Banal StoryVol.5 Ch.1 to ~75% of Vol.5 Ch.2 (110 pages)
9Save Me the WaltzLast ~25% of Vol.5 Ch.2 to (almost all of) Vol.6 Ch.1 **(
10Babylon RevisitedVol.6 Ch.2 to half of Vol.6 Ch.5
11The Beautiful and DamnedLast half of Vol.6 Ch.5 to half of Vol.7 Ch.3
12To Have and Have NotLast half of Vol.7 Ch.3 to Vol.8 Ch.2
13The Snows of KilimanjaroVol.8 Ch.2 to ~75% of Vol.9 Ch.1
14Tender is the NightThe rest of Vol.9
15The Garden of EdenHalf of Vol.10
16Lo, The Poor PeacockLast half of Vol.10 to half of Vol.11
17The KillersHalf of Vol.11 to ~25% of Vol.12
18Islands in the Stream~75% of Vol.12 to ~75% of Vol.13 Ch.1
19Ice PalaceLast ~25% of Vol.13 Ch.1 to half of Vol.14 Ch.1
20The UnvanquishedLast half of Vol.14 Ch.1 to half of Vol.15
21The UndefeatedLast half of Vol.15 to all of Vol.16
22As I Lay DyingVol.17 Ch.1 to ~1/3 of Ch.2
23For Whom the Bell TollsThe rest of Vol.17 Ch.2 to ~3/4 of Vol.18 Ch.1
24The Catcher in the RyeThe rest of Vol. 18 to all of Vol.19?

Banana Fish Cast List

Ash LynxUchida Yuuma (Fruits Basket)
Eiji OkumuraNojima Kenji (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Shorter WongFurukawa Makoto
Yut-Lung LeeFukuyama Jun (Code Geass)
Su Rin SingChiba Chouya
BlancaMorikawa Toshiyuki
Max LoboHirata Hiroaki

Where can you watch Banana Fish?

Where can you watch Banana Fish
Where can you watch Banana Fish

The viewers can watch Banana Fish on Amazon Prime Video and 4anime.

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