Beastars Season 3 Release Date, Cast, and Important Updates

With season 3, the well-known anime Beastars will end on television. When may the series return to Netflix? At least according to the media, Beastars is one of the cleverest, most divisive, and captivating anime series of recent years. But when the anime made its triumphant comeback in July 2021, season 2 far exceeded all of our expectations for the show.

Paru Itagaki is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series Beastars. From September 2016 to October 2020, it was serialized in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion. Its chapters were compiled in 22 tanks on volumes. Viz Media has granted the manga a license to be published in English in North America.

The novel takes place in a contemporary setting with anthropomorphic, civilized animals and a distinction between herbivores and carnivores in terms of culture. The title of Beastar, a person of exceptional skill, fame, and service, inspired the name of the television show.

So, what’s up with Beastars Season 3? Read on to find out.

Beastars Season 3 Release Date

Beastars Season 3 Release Date
Beastars Season 3 Release Date

Good news for Beastars fans: Studio Orange has formally ordered a third season of the popular anime series.

Although Beastars is listed as a Netflix original anime series, the streaming service only buys the global broadcasting rights. Therefore any choice to continue the show rests with Studio Orange and the Japanese broadcast partners. Fortunately, the studio didn’t wait long to capitalize on the excitement. The anime series was given a third season on July 20, 2021, according to studio Orange and Netflix Japan. On December 7, 2021, Studio Orange confirmed that the third season would be the anime’s last.

Beastars season 3’s premiere date was sadly not announced at the same time as the show’s renewal in July 2021.

Three to four months after the domestic conclusion, the streaming juggernaut has made additional Beastars seasons available. Fans should anticipate Beastars to return in April 2023 if season 3 follows a similar production timetable to earlier episodes.

Beastars Season 3 Cast

Legoshi, voiced by Chikahiro Kobayashi; Jonah Scott: He is a towering grey wolf that is 17 years old at the beginning of the narrative. Legoshi, a second-year student, participates in the theatre club’s stage crew and appreciates witnessing sad tales played despite never being required to experience them firsthand.

He attempts to conceal his more scary characteristics to know his herbivorous peers better. He decides to investigate Tem’s murder on his own. Legoshi is frequently torn between his desire to conceal his predatory urges and his reputation as a carnivore. His conflicting feelings for Haru strengthen his desire to do so. Legoshi also had a complex background. He was reared mainly by his Komodo dragon maternal grandpa Gosha because his wolf-Komodo dragon hybrid mother Leano killed herself when Legoshi was 12 years old.

Legoshi is not poisonous, but he has inherited Gosha’s Komodo dragon eyes, which have tiny pupils and are immune to their venom. Few people, including Jack, are aware of Legoshi’s lineage, and at school, Legoshi is just listed as a grey wolf.

Haru, voiced by Sayaka Senbongi; Lara Jill Miller: The only Cherryton’s gardening club member and an outcast overall at the school owing to her promiscuity is a third-year student. She believes that having sex is the only way she can feel in control of herself. She is frequently considered a delicate person by society because she is a white dwarf rabbit. Even those who want closer to Haru, like Legoshi and Louis, are often kept at a distance by her.

Louis, voiced by Yūki Ono; Griffin Puatu: the red deer, who was 18 at the story’s beginning. Student in his third year at Cherryton and the drama club’s lead performer. Louis, who exudes confidence and pride, longs to succeed in Bearstar. Even though he is a herbivore surrounded by carnivores, he tends to look down on those around him and exert his superiority.

Despite Louis’s propensity for manipulation to further his ends, he has exhibited generosity and admiration throughout the narrative. He has a love relationship with Haru. He appears to be “feminine.” According to Itagaki, he is the most challenging character to depict because it is difficult to get him to exhibit emotional traits. Itagaki claimed that the name “Louis” was her choice because of its association with affluence.

Juno, voiced by Atsumi Tanezaki; Lauren Landa: a first-year female grey wolf student who joins the theatre club and who, having heard of Legoshi before meeting him, falls in love with him at first sight after he shields her from bullying. To usher in a new peaceful period for all carnivores together, she is determined to capture his affection and transform into a Beastar with him.

Gohin, voiced by Akio Ōtsuka, Keith Silverstein: a giant panda practises medicine in the underworld and treats troubled animals by rehabilitating them when their predatory tendencies take over. He meets Legoshi for the first time after he collapses in the Black Market. Initially thinking that Legoshi is one of many carnivores giving in to their primal urges, he soon strikes up a connection with him and eventually becomes something of a mentor to him.

Beastars Season 3 Plot

Beastars season 3 1
Beastars Season 3 Plot

There is a difference in culture between herbivorous and carnivorous animals in a contemporary, civilised planet populated by anthropomorphic animals. A vast grey wolf named Legoshi attends Cherryton Academy and is a shy and reserved student. He shares a dorm with numerous other carnivorous pupils, including his boisterous Labrador companion, Jack. As a stagehand for the school’s theatre club, Legoshi assists the performers in the group, which red deer star student Louis leads.

The sudden slaughter and nighttime consumption of Tem, the alpaca, sparks a wave of uneasiness and mistrust between the vegetarian and carnivorous pupils. Legoshi meets Haru, a dwarf rabbit who had fallen in love with Louis, in a fateful encounter at the same time and starts to have complicated feelings for her.

Beastars Season 3 Where to Watch

Beastars Season 3 isn’t out yet, but you can catch the last two seasons on Netflix.

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