Big Nate Season 1 Ending Explained

Big Nate is a cartoon series based on the comic collection Big Nate which is written and illustrated by Lincoln Pierce. Let us get into the detailed explanation of the finale of season 1 of the series.

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Big Nate Season 1 Recap

Big Nate Season 1 Recap
Big Nate Season 1 Recap

Big Nate is about a sixth grader Nate Wright. He is a son of a single father Martin. He also has a sister named Ellen. The series shows the daily activities and adventures of Nate and the characters related to him.

Big Nate Season 1 Ending Explained

Big Nate Season 1 Ending Explained
Big Nate Season 1 Ending Explained

The last episode of the series begins with an announcement being made. The sixth graders are being taken on a survival skills camping trip as a P.S.38 tradition. But Dee is not into this trip as she once portrayed a camping victim in the commercial last year and she has been scared of camping ever since.

Nichols explains the minor mishaps that occurred over the years in camping which makes Dee even more scared of the trip. Her friends convinced her to act as if she is not afraid of camping.

The school does not have enough funds so Galvin gives an idea to Principal Nichols to get funding for the school and monetize the survival trip. It was by finding an elegant egg of an extra large eagle which can be found in the tallest pine tree. This egg is of great value!

Nate comes home and he tells his family about the trip. His dad and sister tell him about the awards they received during their camping trip and how the award will be proof that he will be the strongest, fiercest, and most awesome kid in the school. This encouraged Nate to get the award and become the most awesome boy in school. His dad gave him an old tent which their family used during their camping trips.

The next day, the principal drives the kids as he and Galvin are very much encouraged about finding the egg. During the trip, the kids are divided into two teams of boys and girls which makes Dee left out as all her friends are on the boy’s team. Nate tries to put up his old tent but it flies away. The principal and Galvin use this as an opportunity to ditch the kids and find the eagle egg.
They find the tallest pine tree and go to take the egg but they realize the egg is protected by the eagle which does not allow them both to get down the tree.

Things don’t go well for Nate as his efforts to get the award always ends up in a bad way. He bought raw hamburger meat as his dinner as he thinks the real wilderness warrior doesn’t need to eat cooked meat.

Mrs.Godfrey explains to the kids to not leave anywhere and have their dinner quietly as she was going into the woods to find dinner for herself. Nate takes Chad with him into the woods as he feels there is a “better dinner” for them in the woods. Meanwhile, Dee makes a salad for everyone but the other girls finish their dinner without her which makes her sad. Nate puts the hamburger all over Chad as he plans to attract the beast to Chad and he will attack it from behind. He asks Chad to trust his plan but as a bear appears Chad faints and the bear chases Nate.

Chad decides not to do anything to help Nate as he asks him to trust the plan. Mrs.Godfrey wakes and finds Nate, Calvin, and Nicholas missing. She finds them trying to steal the egg so she asks them to put it back. She also communicates with the eagle to leave them alone. She also tries to file a complaint against them as an attempt to steal an endangered eagle egg is a federal offense with a $100,000 minimum fine. The principal falls on his knees and begs her telling her that he is willing to do anything she asks him to do.

Meanwhile, Nate is stuck in a cave that the bear is trying to enter. Dee hears a noise and follows it to find the bear trying to get inside the cave Nate is hiding in. She starts screaming which scares the bear away.

The camping comes to an end. It is revealed by Mrs.Godfrey that the “wilderness warriors” award is given as a participating certificate to everyone for demonstrating the barest minimum level of confidence. The principal announces that Clara is granted tenure and now she can never be fired from P.S.38. She thanks Nate for this as everything started because of Nate.
Nate comes home and argues with his sister for lying about the award. Her sister explains that their dad doesn’t know the truth about the award.

The series comes to an end with Nate deciding to hide the truth about the award and showing his wilderness warrior award to his dad which made him delighted. His dad adds his wilderness warrior award along with his and his daughter’s awards.

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