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Big Timber Season 2 Ending Explained!

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Big Timber is a reality TV series. It premiered on 8 October 2020. This is a fast-paced series. In case you missed out on the finale of season 2 of Big Timber, here’s a detailed explanation of the finish.

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Big Timber Season 2 Recap

Big Timber Season 2 Recap
Big Timber Season 2 Recap

Big Timber is a timber business in Vancouver Island, Canada. It shows how sawmill owner Kevin Wenstob and his crew work together to bring more quality logs for the company.

The cast face comes across a lot of hurdles in the second season. They have an ancient boat, and Kevin is in a million-dollar debt for not clearing out The Claim. The rest of the series shows how the cast works together to salvage more logs and come out of this debt.

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Big Timber Season 2 Ending Explained!

Big Timber Season 2 Ending Explained!
Big Timber Season 2 Ending Explained!

The series finale begins with Kevin, Eric, and Jake in Alberni Inlet doing a safety check on the boat before going for the long hunt. But they found a crack in the transom, which started causing water to seep into the bull. But Kevin couldn’t afford to have any problems as he needed this boat to log salvaging to pay off his million-dollar government penalty. He ensured the crack was fine as the leak was just filled with foam. The crew decides to take a risk and go.

Coleman joins the crew for log salvaging, and they scan looking for high-value woods like the red cedar wood. They didn’t find any, so they headed to the next bay, where they found a 40-foot cedar worth a grand. Coleman discovers an 80-foot massive windfall that could be 15 grand.

But this was going to be a hard pull. The crack starts growing as they pull the log. They tried it, and the wood began to rock, but the gap grew. They succeed and head to a secluded bay where they keep the secured logs.

The next day, Kevin buys a 60-inch luxury yacht from a government website while still in debt. He tells the news to Sarah, who is disappointed with Kevin’s reckless decision. Still, she also trusts him as his business plans are always great.

It was the last day, and the crew went to Vancouver Island to get more wood. They find an 80-foot log worth ten grand, but it has many other records, and the wood is still connected to solid roots. The boat is already in bad shape, but they still manage to secure the log safely.

The crew planned to tug all the collected logs, but things got worse as Kevin’s steering brakes, and records were drifting dangerously close to the shore. He drops the anchor to stop the logs from crashing. He found a hole in the steering pipe, but fortunately, he had the spare parts, so he attached a new hose. Eric finds another log 20 feet nearby, so he picks that up too.

After three hours, they arrive at hook bay, where Scaler Daller measured the quality of the logs. Even though some of the ends were pretty beaten up, it was still pretty good, and it can pay the million-dollar penalty with it. Kevin is finally relieved that he can eventually pay off his debt.

Sarah and Kevin go to see their new boat. Sarah was disappointed as she felt it needed a lot of work and was not a good investment. They found out they didn’t have the door key, and every door was locked. They use the window and open the door and get inside the boat.

The season ends with them having a beer while reminiscing how hard this year was for them as it was out of control. Kevin explained that next year would be crazier as he and his crew have planned to go to the deadly graveyard of the pacific to get more logs and gamble on this year’s savings. Still, Sarah is skeptical about all of Kevin’s plans.

You can watch it on Netflix, Amazon Prime and TLC.

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