Blue Bloods Season 12 Release Date, Plot, and Cast | Everything You Need to Know

Blue Bloods Season 12 is an American television drama series based on police procedural. The whole storyline revolves around a fictional Reagan family that is an Irish American family that lives in New York and works in law and public enforcement agencies for ages. This show first aired on 24 September of 2010 and for 10 years now it is successfully given 11 seasons with great audience support. 

As this kind of show has thrillers, suspense is automatically liked by the fans. This show is all about crime, mystery, and how this family solves it. This is also doing good business because of its drama content also, as the story develops you can see that every person’s story is linked with one another, the drama between their family is at the most.

The makers of this fantastic show are Robin Green and Mitchell Burgess. Currently, this show was already aired and completed on the 14th of May 2021.

Blue Bloods season 12, is it coming or not?

Blue Bloods season 12, is it coming or not

The 11th season of Blue Bloods was released on the 4th of December 2020 on CBS and It has 16 episodes which were decreased from 20-22 episodes with 42-44 minutes each episode. Due to the covid-19  pandemic, all the shooting and filming was stopped all around the world which resulted in a delay. At first, the 11 seasons are going to come in September 2020. September, and after that, some episodes of this season are also cut short, and the finale of this season was for two hours long. because of covid the season only gives 16 episodes that why now the audience is anxious about the renewal of the series. Will the makers renew it or not?

So there is good news for the fans and audiences that before the completion of 11 seasons the CBS has already announced in their Twitter account abhor the renewal of this series as season 12 on 16 of April 2021. As the makers announced the return and now the covid situation in the US is quite under control. So we can predict that the shooting will start shortly and also we can see the premiere of the 12th season in late 2021.

What will be the plot of season 12 of Blue Bloods

What will be the plot of season 12 of Blue Bloods

If we look into each season, every episode has a portrayal of a new crime and the Reagan family tries to figure out the mystery and solve the case. With this, their family drama was also building up. At the end of the 11 seasons, we can see that another unknown family member of the Reagan family existed and no one knows about it. As the story develops it’s revealed that he is none other than Joe Hill who is the son of late Joe Reagan. The Reagan family rescued him from the criminals as he was also an undercover agent and in the end, you can see they accepted him into their family.

 The plot and storyline of season 12 are predicted to start where the 11 season ends. As nothing is announced yet and not confirmed what will be the next season comes with but one is sure, the work for the Reagans is famous for – the brilliant service in the police department will surely be there. As the new member joins the family – Joe Hill, so we can presume that the next content will be more on joe. In the last season, we also get to know about the tension and problems between the Reagans and the trustworthy people of frank, so hopefully, this scene would also conclude positively.

In an interview with Deadline, they were asked about season 12, what will happen? Kevin Wade the showrunner said that after receiving good feedback from the audience and they liked this show, the expectations are now high so they have to come back with a great story and content and give their best. But for now, you can expect that the next season will be more exciting to watch with good crime case, mysteries. Surely it will be more thrilling with good action sequences and last not but not least it will have more drama.

Season 11 revolved around social-political issues like the rights of transgenders, and the brutality of the police etc can be seen. The police department was in the eyes of everyone and even many of them are captured in the spy camera while abusing their powers. So we can expect his contribution in the next season.

The cast of Blue Bloods season 12.

As nothing is officially announced about the inside details of season 12 so we can’t say anything about what will be the case and who is new to join the team.

But for sure we expect some characters from last seasons like:

  • Tom Selleck as Frank Reagan
  • Donnie Wahlberg as Danny Reagan
  • Will Estes as Sergeant Jamie Reagan
  • Len Cariou as commissioner Henry Reagan ( retd)
  • Bridget Moynahan as Erin Reagan
  • Marisa Ramirez as detective Maria Baez
  • Vanessa Ray as edit officer Janko Reagan.

Other than them some cast like Sami Gayle as Nicky Reagan Boyle, Andrew Terraciano as Sean Reagan and Tony Terraciano as Jack Reagan are also predicting to return in the next season of Blue Bloods.