Capitani Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

After a smashing success of Capitani Season 1 and season 2 already ready to be released, fans are awaiting Capitani Season 3 already. They all want to know the updates regarding the show’s third season. The show was first aired in September 2019. Netflix is all set to release the second season of the show on 8th July 2022.

Capitani is a crime drama series currently streaming on Netflix. The first season of the show has twelve mind-blowing episodes. The show is based in Luxembourg village and follows the story of a crime that happened in the village. The star of the show and the main character is police inspector Luc Capitani.

She is investigating the death of a 15-year-old girl. Capitani Season 3 will be another fine addition to the trilogy by Netflix. Just as the name suggests Capitani is a crime television show. This show is full of thrill and mystery and hence, has a huge fan following. The second season of the show is currently going on but fans are already waiting for the third season.

Capitani Season 3 Plot

Capitani Season 3 Plot
Capitani Season 3 Plot

Capitani Season 3 is going to follow the story from where season 2 ends. Since we have no idea about where the creators are going to end the second season, and what is going to be the cliffhanger, we still can not predict what plot the third season has in store for us. However, we are sure about a few things that we can expect and see in the show.

We are sure the show will have more than ten episodes in the third season of Capitani. The show is going to continue with the mysterious murder of angels and how it is all connected to so many crimes in Luxembourg. It is some trap, it seems to intrap Luc Capitani. The structure of the show is going to remain the same, solving crimes.

Capitani Season 3 Cast

Capitani Season 3 Cast
Capitani Season 3 Cast

There are no official updates regarding the new cast that we might get to see in the second season. But we are sure that most of the season 1 cast might come back. Except we will not get to see some of the original cast in Capitani Season 3 because they might be killed in the first one. Let’s cross our fingers that our favorite characters make it to the end and look at Season one’s cast:

  • Luc Schiltz as Luc Capitani
  • Sophie Mousel as Elsa Ley
  • Claude De Demo as Tessy Kinsch
  • Joe Dennenwald as Joe Mores
  • Konstantin Rommelfangen as Steve Weis
  • Jules Werner as Mick Engel
  • Jil Devresse as Jenny Engel
  • Brigitte Urhausen as Carla Pareira
  • Julie Kieffer as Manon Boever
  • Timo Wagner as Frank Ferrone
  • Max Gindorff as Jerry Kowalska
  • Pierre Bodry as Claude Glodt

We might get to see most of them in Capitani Season 3. Let’s hope all of them make it out.

Capitani Season 3 Release Date

Capitani Season 3 Release Date
Capitani Season 3 Release Date

While Netflix has not cleared the release date, it is clear that Capitani Season 3 is not confirmed. We can however predict the release date of the show. Season 1 of the famous crime show was released in the winter of 2019 and season two is releasing on the 8th of July, 2022. Executive Producer and creator of the show, Thierry Faber are extremely secretive about the date. The fans all over the world are furiously waiting for any shred of updates from them.

Although everyone related to the show is silent about the date and there are zero official updates from the show makers, it can be highly predicted that we can see Capitani Season 3 back in the late summer of 2024.

This is based on various important reasons. First, Netflix has a habit of being extremely periodic and dramatic. If season 1 was released in the winter of 2019, season 2 is getting released now which means that Capitani Season 3 will be released around that time. Second, after finishing up season one and releasing it, the cast, the producers and Netflix itself need at least two years to redo all of that again and it is highly obvious that we are not getting to see season 3 before that.

Capitani Season 1 Recap

Capitani Season 1 Recap
Capitani Season 1 Recap

Capitani Season 3 is going to follow a similar story trope and structure to the first and second seasons of the show. The story will continue from wherever the second season ends and because we don’t know where the second season will end, let us recap season one of the great show. The show follows the story of Luc who is a police inspector.

Story starts when the corpse of a 15-year-old girl named, Jenny Engel is found in the woods in Oesling. It is discovered that she is from a neighboring village Luxembourg. The police gets onto the case and an investigation starts. In episode two, The village launches a search party for Tanja as suspicion lands on someone close to the Engels. Capitani encounters a friend he hasn’t seen in years.

They try to retrieve evidence from Jenny’s school and Capitani searches for the clues. Elisa hatches a plan in order to retrieve those evidence. The show gets interesting here. The clues lead to a direct political drama in the village. Capitani, their struggles with shaky alibis and whole political riff-raff.

Capitani and Elsa pursue two promising suspects, Tanja’s friends grow concerned about her behavior, and Mick pushes for details on the investigation. This then turns into a drug inspection and the story takes an even major turn. As the police track the drug operation, Capitani forces Manon’s hand, the soldiers hit a delivery snag, and Mick betrays his feelings for Jenny.

Capitani comes under scrutiny for a long-ago mistake. A hidden letter, a secret phone, and a distressed father blow the case wide open. After guns are drawn and shots fired, Capitani faces increasing pressure to close the case and move on, despite his many unanswered questions. With his career on the line and lies piling up, Capitani races to uncover the truth of what happened to Jenny and Tanja on that fateful night. Capitani is back, with the now ex-inspector infiltrating organized crime in the gritty underworld of Luxembourg City. Hopefully, we will see the story continued even better in Capitani Season 3.

Where to watch Capitani Season 3?

You can watch it on Netflix when it is released.

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