Is Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date Announced?

We always picture The Hero with a daring and cautious attitude. The hero never cares about any danger coming ahead or any situation waiting for the next step. The heroes always care to freely move and take the decision as well as their steps. But have you ever heard about a hero who 

Cautious about everything and take every step so carefully and kindly. So every antagonist type of character for a hero is always framed as a daring who doesn’t think before doing anything. Still, today we are talking about one hero who thinks hundreds of times before taking a single step cautious about everything, even about the people around him.

The animated series named cautious Hero is something similar to the story of a hero. The cautious hero is a story of a hero who is very cautious about his actions and his surroundings. The animated series cautious Hero received so much popularity in its first season and now the fans and the viewers of cautious Hero are looking forward to cautious Hero season 2 there have been many questions buzzing around the single topic of cautious Hero season 2. So here we come with the update of cautious 2. Let’s read about it.

Cautious Hero Season 2 Story 

Cautious Hero Season 2 Story
Cautious Hero Season 2 Story

Cautious Hero is a story of the goddess And The Hero. The goddess who serves her whole life in saving the different world from destruction and on the other side The Hero who is very good at fighting and excels are everything but very cautious about every step he takes and everybody in his surrounding.

The goddess who served her lie to save the world is Ristarte now she is finding a competent Hero who can subside and fight with every enemy who comes in front of them during their mission. After finding so much and looking after a hero she ultimately came face to face with Seiya Ryuuguuin.

His skills and power impressed the goddess and convinced her that he is the most competent and wants to fight the enemies. But the main problem the goddess faces is the over-cautious nature of Seiya Ryuuguuin. But ultimately she managed to get along with Seiya Ryuuguuin.

But many other challenges are waiting for them in the future. What will happen and how they will face it’s an interesting thing to see.

Cautious Hero Season 2 Cast 

Cautious Hero Season 2 Cast
Cautious Hero Season 2 Cast

As we were informed cautious Hero season 2 is still not released and also there is no information regarding cautious Hero season 2 release date or renewal. But if any soon cautious Hero returns to screen with its season 20 then it might have the same characters in that case and some new characters might be added to the list. But we cannot predict or assume anything regarding the characters which can be shown in cautious Hero season 2 but if it comes back with the same cast as season 1 then the characters shown in season 1 are

  • Seiya Ryuuguuin 

; Japanese Voice Given By: Yūichirō Umehara; English Voice Given By Anthony Bowling 

He is An overpowered hero who could do everything, but the main problem he has is  – he is too cautious.

  • Restart 

; Japanese Voice Given By: Aki Toyosaki; English Voice Given By Jamie Marchi

She is The Goddess of Healing who is chosen for the duty of choosing a hero to save Gaeabrande, in this task she falls in love with Seiya and tries to impress him but Seiya rejects her.

  • Mash; Japanese Voice Given By: Kengo Kawanishi; English Voice Given By Chris Thurman

He was A young dragonkin warrior.

  • Elulu

; Japanese Voice Given By: Aoi Koga; English Voice Given By Sarah Wiedenheft 

She was A young dragonkin mage. She was Mash’s childhood friend.

  •  Ariadna 

; Japanese Voice Given By: Hibiku Yamamura; English Voice Given By Marissa Lenti  

Ristarte’s senior goddess, and her go-to goddess if Seiya needed someone to train him. She was The Goddess of Sealing, all her life she has saved numerous worlds from destruction.

  • Cereus ;

Japanese Voice Given By: Atsushi Ono; English Voice Given By Chris Rager 

He is A brawny god who wields a sword. He is known as the Divine Blade. Seiya always tries to hide from him even during the time of training.

  • Ishtar;

Japanese Voice Given By: Keiko Han; English Voice Given By Jessica Cavanagh 

She was The Great Goddess, She serves and duty as the leader of the other gods.

  • Valkyrie;

Japanese Voice Given By: Fairouz A; English Voice Given By Katelyn Barr 

She was The Goddess of Destruction. She was so stubborn that after so much resistance, she went on to Seiya to train him though with a few restrictions.

  • Hestiaca

; Japanese Voice Given By: Sayumi Watabe; English Voice Given By Kimberly Grace

She was  The Goddess of Fire.

  • Adenela 

; Japanese Voice Given By: Shiori Izawa; English Voice Given By Alexis Tipton

Adela was The Goddess of War. She has a soft corner for  Seiya but now she is going berserk because Seiya doesn’t like her back and he rejected her at first.

  • Mitis ;Japanese Voice Given By: Kotono Mitsuishi; English Voice Given By Samantha Herek

She was The Goddess of Archery. She is known for her special power nymphomania.

Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date 

Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date
Cautious Hero Season 2 Release Date

Cautious Hero season 1 was released on October 2, 2019, and ran till December 27, 2019. At the end of this animated series, the fans and viewers of this series were looking forward to Hero season 2. The fans and the viewers were asking one particular question when the second season of cautious Hero will come or whether cautious Hero season 2 will renew or not. So here we come with the update. So let me tell you guys that there is no information available regarding the renewal of cautious Hero season 2.

Where To Watch Cautious Hero Season 2?

As we were informed that there was no information regarding cautious Hero season 2 so it is not available on any ott platform. But the cautious Hero season 1 is available on Crunchyroll.

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