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Country Queen Season 1 Ending Explained

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Country Queen is a Netflix original series directed by Vincent Mbaya. This series received a lot of appreciation for its authenticity. Here’s a detailed explanation of the ending of season 1 of Country Queen!

Country Queen Season 1 Recap

Country Queen Season 1 Recap
Country Queen Season 1 Recap

The series revolves around the character Akisa. The series shows the struggles of Akisa. She is working in Nairobi as an event planner. But she gets a call that her father is very ill which makes her return to her homeland Tislanga for the first time in a decade. The rest of the series slowly unveils how Akisa confronts her past while trying to protect her land and her family.

Country Queen Season 1 Ending Explained

Country Queen Season 1 Ending Explained
Country Queen Season 1 Ending Explained

The season finale begins with Joe editing and manipulating a picture which gains him an appointment for the article to be published. As Akisa’s brothers convinced her and her mother to sell the family’s land, Akisa decides to go back to Nairobi so that she can deal with her company. But her mom feels terrible to leave as she feels like her husband is always around her in this house, Akisa convinces her to leave everything.

Akisa’s mom couldn’t stop thinking about the good and bad memories she had in this house but Akisa kept convincing her to stop fighting for a place that is fighting her. Meanwhile, Grace does Anna’s hair to get her ready for her party, and Cynthis and Joe go to a fertility clinic.

Akinyi and Max have a little chat and she insists on helping him but he refused it as the only help he wanted was to be listened to by someone. But she insists on helping him with access to all the funds for Chama as she is the treasurer. He halfheartedly agrees to there was no way he could get two million in one day.

Vivienne goes golfing with the governor. Governor ends up knowing about her buying big batches of land in Tsilanga, so he asks for a fair share of 50% for everything to run smoothly. Kingsley interrupts them and asks the Governor to be his partner, which makes the Governor invited him to a family dinner.

While packing Akisa finds a letter inside a book. It was the last letter from her father to her and her mom. In the letter, her dad apologized for his refusal to acknowledge the cracks his sins have caused in their home. He also apologized for sorry for leaving them behind to the parasites and explains why he always insisted on staying in this place. It is revealed that Akisa’s son was alive and her dad bequeathed all the properties to his grandson. He requests his wife and daughter to find his grandson and take care of this land until he comes of age.

Akisa shows the letter to her mom, turns out her mother also did not have any idea about this. The truck arrives to take back their things but Esther refused to leave and chases them away. She asks Akisa to fulfill her father’s wishes.

Vivienne struggles to acquire the land for her company as her stepson was being restricted. So she invites him for a dinner. Akisa goes to meet Kyalo and shows the letter to him and reveals to him that they had a son together. She explains that she thought he was dead when she was in Nairobi as some man gave her a letter from her dad which said he had died. She requests him to find their son but he doesn’t want her to stop him from moving on with his life so he leaves.

At the dinner, Vivienne offers her son a plate filled with drugs. Her son overdoses on drugs and gets taken away. Kyalo doesn’t show up to his and Anna’s party which upsets Anna. Kyalo goes to Anna’s house and begs her and tries to explain. He explains to her how Akisa was pregnant when he was in high school which makes Anna furious so she asks him to leave without hearing the rest of his explanation.

Kyalo goes to see Akisa and they decide to look for their son. After a lot of effort, they end up finding out that their son was in a children’s home in Makuto.

They go to that place but it is revealed that their child ran away from there. This made them disheartened. They come home and find someone stealing their chicken. They catch one of the thieves. It was actually a little boy.

He explains that he did it because he was hungry. He also said that his name was Josiah, he was from a Children’s home and he was one of the minors who were coerced to mine for gold.
Akisa thinks that he could be his son as her dad’s middle name was Josiah. But the kid runs away again.

The series comes to an end with Akisa taking off her wig and weaving her real hair. She explains that she is going to fight for the land and find her son.

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