Country Queen Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Country Queen Season 2 on Netflix is extending its influence to many parts of the world, and Kenya is one of those parts. Country Queen is the first-ever Kenyan Netflix series that premiered on July 15, 2022. The drama series, like several other African series on Netflix, has a lot to say about the exploitative and destructive nature of capitalism and corrupt government. Although Country Queen manages to be both drawn out and hasty, its plot is quite entertaining in an ordinary way. The Netflix original drama series is written by Wanjeri Gakuru, Ian Kithinji, Lydia Matata, Oprah Oyugi, and Kimani Waweru. You can view a complete list of its cast and crew on IMDb.

What is Country Queen About?

Country Queen Season 2
Country Queen Season 2

Country Queen is the story of a Nairobi event planner, Akisa, who exploited her hometown Tsalinga and its people. When her father gets sick, Akisa is forced to return to her hometown after ten years of staying away. Not much has changed since the last time she was there. Akisa’s mother, Esther, still does not want her around due to the shame Akisa’s teenage pregnancy situation brought on them, Akisa still carries the trauma of having her son taken away by her father, and the little community of Tsalinga is still a grey and hungry one.

Enter Vivienne Sibala, the unstoppable CEO of a gold mining company Eco Rock, who will stop at nothing to drain both people and lands for profit. Before her return to Tsalinga, Akisa is hired to plan a party of sorts for Eco Rock, a project she was able to get through her boyfriend, Maxwell. Unbeknownst to Akisa, Maxwell is the two-timing and covetous husband of Vivienne, an ugly truth that is revealed during the Eco Rock event.

Another major player in Country Queen is Akisa’s first love, Kyalo, a gentle yet firm anti-Eco Rock activist who would do anything to protect his town Tsalinga from being completely acquired by Eco Rock, and take care of the children affected by the gold mines. As he fights for the people of Tsalinga, Kyalo has to butt heads with his father and brother, both of whom are employed by Eco Rock and are actively involved in making the landowners sell to Eco Rock at very low prices.

To thicken the plot even further, Akisa’s previously mentioned son, who was taken away by her father ten years back, is Kyalo’s, a fact he doesn’t know about. Despite the years that have passed and his intention to marry his current girlfriend Anna, Kyalo is still soft for Akisa. Her resurfacing puts a strain on Anna and Kyalo’s relationship. Akisa’s involvement with Eco Rock and the fact she does not care for the effect of the gold mining company on Tsalinga also puts a strain on her and Kyalo’s already tense relationship. Last but not least of the major players is Akisa’s father who owns the largest land in Tsalinga and refuses to sell it.

With these players in place, Country Queen has a lot to explore in the way of complicated relationships, child labor, trauma, and finally, the destructive self-interest that runs rampant amongst the power players of Tsalinga. We follow Akisa’s struggles with her family and herself as she tries to find her long-lost son, and the Tsalinga community’s struggles with the negative effects mining have on their lands and people.

Country Queen Season 2 Cast

Country Queen Cast
Country Queen Season 2 Cast

The casting for Country Queen was done by Isaiah Evans and Mkamzee Chao Mwatela, a commendable effort from the two crew members. Some of the cast of Country Queen are:

  • Melissa Kiplagat as Akisa
  • Melvin Alusa as Kyalo
  • Sheila Munyiva as Anna, Kyalo’s girlfriend
  • Nini Wacera as Vivienne Sibala, CEO Eco Rock
  • Blessing Lung’Aho as Maxwell, Akisa’s boyfriend and Vivienne’s husband
  • Mumbo Kaigwa as Esther, Akisa’s mother
  • Raymond Ofula as Mwalimu, Akisa’s father
  • Muthoni Gathecha as Aunt Salome, Akisa’s aunt and the only person on her side apart from Kyalo
  • Brian Kisau as Josiah
  • Eddy Kimani as Titus, one of Mwalimu’s brothers who tries to make him sell the land
    • Joel Otukho as Musa, one of Mwalimu’s brothers who tries to make him sell the land

Country Queen Season 2 Release Date

Country Queen Season 2 Release Date
Country Queen Season 2 Release Date

Country Queen is a Netflix original produced by Good Karma Fiction and Tililiz Pictures and directed by Vincent Mbaya who is popularly known for ‘Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003). The first season of Country Queen contains six episodes which were released on Netflix on July 15, 2022. Country Queen Season 2’s date has not been announced yet.

The drama series is yet to be renewed for a season 2 but with the way its first season ended, there is still room for a second season. It’s all left to Netflix now. Maybe they won’t cancel this one. It’s their thing, isn’t it?

Country Queen Review and Ratings

Country Queen Review and Ratings
Country Queen Review and Ratings

To put it plainly, Country Queen is not anything special. The plotlines alone are unmemorable, and its characters ‘vanilla’ at best. Each episode goes on for longer than it should, and the story never pauses to delve deep into a particular event or emotion. It felt like the writers were just throwing every curve ball they could think of just to thicken the drama. Character development is presently none existent. If there is a second season, maybe it will do better, and we will get to see some more conflicts resolved, and some character development.

In terms of impact and effect on the community, many Kenyans seem to love watching their people represented on the screen. The drama series is an acceptable one that speaks out for the struggles of Kenyans and Africans as a whole. It joins the scene of the series talking about controversial topics that are relevant to us in this era.

Country Queen has a rating of 5.4/10 on IMDb, 3.5/5 on both Leisurebyte and Ready Steady Cut, and 89% on Google. It is a recommendable show for the community’s sake, or you might actually really enjoy it if plot-packed melodrama is your genre.

Where to Watch Country Queen?

All six episodes of Country Queen Season 1 are available on Netflix now. Each episode is about one hour long. There is a high chance that the next season will also be telecasted on the same platform.

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