D.B.Cooper: Where Are You? Ending Explained

D.B.Cooper: Where Are You? is a Netflix crime documentary directed by Marina Zenovich. The case of D.B.Cooper is one of the most fascinating cases to ever exist as even though it has been over 50 years, Cooper hasn’t been caught. Let us dive into the detailed explanation of this case shown in the last episode!

D.B.Cooper: Where Are You? Recap

D.B.Cooper_ Where Are You_ Recap
D.B.Cooper_ Where Are You_ Recap

The series is a 4 episode docuseries explaining the infamous case of D.B.Cooper. D.B.Cooper was a hijacker who hijacked the Northwest Orient Flight from Portland to Seattle in 1971 and jumped out of the plane with $200,000 without hurting a soul. The series explains the case with a lot of interviews with investigators, archival news footage, and some animations. The series shows all kinds of in-depth information about this particular case.

D.B. Cooper: Where Are You? Ending Explained

D.B. Cooper_ Where Are You_ Ending Explained
D.B. Cooper_ Where Are You_ Ending Explained

The season finale begins with Gray explaining how fascinating it is that people are still chasing Cooper even though it has been 50 years since the incident. The series further explains how the people have a never-ending drive for this case despite having no accurate information.

Cooper con is also arranged occasionally. Bruce Smith explains how it is a gathering of a tribe. There is also a cooper escape room. They also shared their favorite suspects. But it is very unlikely for D.B.Cooper to be alive today as he would’ve turned 95 years this year.

They also chat about the Dan Cooper comic book theory. Dan Cooper was a comic book hero who was a French Canadian Royal airforce test pilot, who went on a lot of adventures and skydiving. Everyone thinks this character is very similar to D.B.Cooper and they also feel this character brings D.B.Cooper to life.

The comic book had several stories that paralleled the actual hijacking and there was also an airline ticket with the name cooper on it. The lead character wore similar clothing as
D.B.Cooper which made everyone wonder about the relationship between the comic book hero and D.B.Cooper. But the writer and artist want his hero linked to a hijacker so every time a journalist questions him about that, he always avoids that question.

It is also explained that when the plane landed they acquired a black old clip-on tie from JCPenny along with a pearl tie pin attached to it. They took the tie and looked into the particles and found pure titanium on it. It was a titanium that could only be found in aerospace. This evidence kind of gives an idea about how everything turned out.

This evidence lowkey proves that D.B.Cooper had direct contact with titanium and there is also a chance that he might have met Mr.Weinberg after falling in love with the comic book strip and used the name when he hijacked the aircraft in the United States.

At the beginning of this case, the FBI went to the Royal Canadian Air force and asked if they could investigate the Canadian base but it was not agreed upon due to the sour relationship between Canada and United States at that time. There are so many clues that lead to him being Canadian but those clues have never been properly picked over.

On the night of the hijacking, D.B.Cooper requested American currency which makes everyone wonder why an American would not have American currency. Cooper also used the words “negotiable American currency” which might be evidence that English is not his first language. There is a chance that he could be Canadian.

It was revealed that the infamous fugitive dies. His name was Robert Rackstraw but they didn’t know if he was still D.B.Cooper. Robert Rackstraw’s ex-wife explains that he always takes a dark briefcase to work and one day it was unlocked so she opened it and found a toupee and mustache in it. His friend also shares a story about how easily he could manipulate people. A lot of factors proved that Rackstraw was Cooper as they always found new evidence that proved Rackstraw was Cooper. However, he was eliminated as a suspect and some feel Rackstraw was not the actual Cooper.

Tom reveals that they spent around 200 grand on this investigation and he hasn’t spoken to Jim ever since Jim refused to believe Rackstraw was Cooper. Tom moved on from Cooper’s case and now working on a different case.

Bill Mitchell, a passenger of Northwest Orient Flight 305 shares that most people think they can solve it with the piece of evidence from google. He finds it entertaining as he always gets emails even today asking about D.B.Cooper.

The season finale ends by showing how interesting it is that Cooper has stayed relevant all these decades! A lot of people are fascinated by how he hasn’t revealed himself and still remains a mystery. The longer Cooper gets away the more we can vicariously live through him and continue the legend!

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