Dance Brothers Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, and More

Dance Brothers Season 2 is Netflix’s first Finnish series co-produced with Yle and is created and produced by Max Malka at Banijay’s Endemol Shine Finland. The series’ season 1 released globally in 2023. The show has been created with the intention of disseminating the best of Finnish creativity and talent across the globe.

The first season of Dance Brothers made it to the small screens on 10th May, 2023. Dance Brothers season 1 spanned across 10 episodes.

Dance Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Dance Brothers Season 2 Release Date
Dance Brothers Season 2 Release Date

Dance Brothers Season 1 was widely appreciated by the viewers who have been anticipating and waiting for Dance Brothers Season 2. Dance Brothers Season 2 will be a continuation of the former season and simulating its predecessor will have 10 episodes as well. If reports and news are to be believed, a source confirms that Dance Brothers Season 2 will be making a comeback to its waiting viewers in 2024. The detailed schedule is as follows:

Episode NumberNetflix Release DateEpisode Name
2X01May 8th, 2024Episode 1
2X02May 8th, 2024Episode 2
2X03May 8th, 2024Episode 3
2X04May 8th, 2024Episode 4
2X05May 8th, 2024Episode 5
2X06May 8th, 2024Episode 6
2X07May 8th, 2024Episode 7
2X08May 8th, 2024Episode 8
2X09May 8th, 2024Episode 9
2X10May 8th, 2024Episode 10

Netflix media streaming Platform will start releasing the teasers of Dance Brothers Season 2 few days prior to its estimated launch date.

Dance Brothers Season 1 Plot

Dance Brothers Season 1 Plot
Dance Brothers Season 1 Plot

Dance Brothers Season 1 focused on the story of two brothers extremely skilled in dancing but owing to the world’s complexities and toxicities, skill is not enough for them to shine and grow in their field yet. To achieve all their dreams, they make their own mark and name in this world, so that the world knows who they are and what is their worth, they have to take part in a dance festival. And in order to do so they initiate and create a club.

The entire first season is focused on their club, activities and hurdles on the way. With shrewd power politics and games, somehow, the ownership of the club transfers from the hands of the brothers to that of malicious singer named Angelo. Now it is a task for the brothers to gain back the authority of their own club.

Their club provides housing, source of income and great training. The show quickly attracted the audience with those terrific dance routines and contemporary styles. But with the pace of the show, moving forward the ambitious plans and ideas as well as personal interests and relationships collide with the demands of the business and commerce.

There comes a point where it comes to a faceoff between business and passion. Situations take such turn that requires passion to take a backseat for the fame coming from commerce stemmed from cunning business politics. The love and loyalty between the brothers are bound to go under many strenuous and tense situations and continuously tested through the element which always bound them together strongly- their passion and zeal for dance.

Dance Brothers Season 2 Storyline

Dance Brothers Season 2 Storyline
Dance Brothers Season 2 Storyline

For the second season, the brothers can start to get their own agendas and goals to focus on and realize how Roni can be manipulative and authoritative over both of their career decisions and future. The romantic arc can also be expected to make its continual in Dance Brothers Season 2. Both the brothers’ love interests might come back and that would introduce another turn point in the show. And of course, Angelo might be planning his next trick to create havoc as usual.

Dance Brothers Season 2 Cast

Dance Brothers Season 2 Cast
Dance Brothers Season 2 Cast

It is expected that the same cast will be making a comeback for Season 2 as well.

  • Roderick Kabanga as Roni
  • Samuel Kujala as Sakari
  • Cristal Snow as Angelo
  • Jeanine Muyima as Karo


  • Lauri Lohi as Viima
  • Fanni Noroila as Doris
  • Oksana Lommi as Inge
  • Pietari Kauppinen as Johannes

Where to Watch Dance Brothers Season 2?

Dance Brothers Season 1 is available to be streamed on Netflix across the world. The second season will also be expected to be released on the same platform after all the positive response and love it has been receiving from the audience.

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