Deaimon Season 1 Ending Explained: Do Kanoko and Nagumo get back together?

Deaimon (であいもん)is a Japanese manga series through Rin Asano. It has been discontinuous in Kadokawa Shoten’s seinen manga magazine Young Ace meanwhile May 2016. It has been composed in thirteen tankōbon volumes. An anime television series variation by Encourage Films is ventilated from April to June 2022.

The series is customary in a Kyoto wagashi store. The protagonist is the only schoolboy, Nagomu Irino. He dreams of flattering a band member and ran preoccupied from home to live in Tokyo ten years ago. He obtains a letter from home stating his father is in the hospital and requesting him to take over the family shop, so he bounces up on his dream and proceeds home.

While he’s been gone, a ten-year-old girl named Itsuka Yukihira has ongoing employment in the shop. Nagomu’s mom, having developed a foster mom for Itsuka throughout the time that Nagomu was seeking his daydream as a band member, announces that there will be a tournament between Itsuka and Nagomu to see who will take finish the family shop. So here’s the brief discussion, SPOILERS ALERT

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Deaimon Season 1 Recap

Deaimon Season 1 Recap
Deaimon Season 1 Recap

This anime series has a total of 12 episodes. In the opening scene, we can see that In the forward-facing of Kyoto Station, Yukihira Itsuka mistakes Irino Nagomu for her misplaced father; she never abstracts that he was the son and heir to a wagashi shop called Ryokushou. In next episode shows Horikawa Mitsuru, a high school student, working at Ryokushou with Itsuka.

The next episode shows Itsuka, a skin condition which expresses like her father getting on a bus; she gets on the same bus to see if it is him. Then we can see A regular customer withdraws their order; Nagomu’s father is energetic with Nagomu, thinking he has done somewhat again.

In next episode shows Itsuka and Mitsuru track into Nagomu’s ex-girlfriend, Matsukaze Kanoko, in town. The next episode shows A new artisan, Kisaichi Hiiro, arriving at Ryokushou. Nagomu thrills a fuss about trailing his headdress from his band, Chestnut Manju.

In next episode shows A message and a fir tree, directed by Itsuka’s mother, working out, and The new year commences; Ryokushou welcomes the new year by marketing a sweet called hanabira mochi. The next episode shows Nagomu resting up in bed with a cold.

In the season finale, for Itsuka’s birthday, Nagomu uses his “Going Somewhere Together” receipt and takes her to Hirakata Park.

Do Kanoko and Nagumo get back together?

You can realise where this is going a mile away. Nagumo and Kanoko get back composed, and Itsuka becomes like a daughter to them.

How does Deaimon Season 1 End?

How does Deaimon Season 1 End?
How does Deaimon Season 1 End?

Cash in on a promise to do ‘whatever he wants that Nagomu conventional from Itsuka for his birthday, Nagomu chooses to take her to an amusement park. Itsuka lies and entitlements she has never been there beforehand, but in truth, her time there with Nagomu is coated with memories of the time she consumed there with her father.

You can watch it on Crunchyroll.

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