Di4ries Season 2 Released Or Cancelled?

Whether Di4ries season 2 was released or cancelled! For fans wondering where to watch Di4ries season 2, the cast, episodes, and all, or even where to watch Di4ries season 1. Then you are at the right place. Stay tuned with us.

Di4ries Season 2 Cast

Di4ries season 2
Di4ries season 2

The Di4ries season 2 has a long way to come before we can see it on any platform, but as the show’s cast, Di4ries season 1 is out already. The cast is fine as the characters played by them are executed amazingly.

• Andrea Arru played the character Pietro Maggi

Pietro Maggi is the boy in the class whom girls find attractive, including Arianna. He is the perfectionist in the class. He is vocal about what he wants to voice. His home is not the place he wants to stay, and his parents are the ones who make it unbearable to endure.

They fight all the time, and the way it goes, the situation is not good at all even sometimes they are angry with him for doing something. Also, note that he is an excellent graffiti artist.

It is known that he took a bet from his best friend Giulio that by the last day of their school year, he would kiss both the girls, Livia and Arianna.

• Flavia Leone played the character Livia Mancini

She is also known as Miss Perfect by everyone around her. For her, she wants to be a free soul without any rules to follow and without having any expectations of others on her.

She can not leave her impression of being good while sometimes getting tangled up in chaos for her friends. She is also in a secret relationship with a guy named Matteo from class 3rd.

• Biagio Venditti played the character Daniele Parisi

He is a good person and overthinks at times. He is on the basketball team and is an excellent DJ. He lost friendship with Isabel and her gang. He falls in love with Mirko and ends up being with Nico.

• Sofia Nicolini played the character Isabel Diop

She is an ace athlete and is on the basketball team. She is adamant and the best friend of Monica. She wants to find the experience of kissing someone.

She tried with Daniele and ended up fitting in the role of a good friend with him. She, at last, ended up proposing to Michele.

• Liam Nicolosi played the character Giulio Paccagnini

He is one of the most suitable characters and the class clown. He loves to joke around and is a genuinely nice person but doesn’t know the boundary of when to stop.

He is also known as Pac at times. His crush is Arianna. For more, his character has more representation: he is dyslexic, arachnophobic, and claustrophobic.

• Federica Franzellitti played the character Monica Piovani

She was the one to find out about Giulio being dyslexic. Isabel is also her best friend and is possessive of her. She is also known as an academic nerd. She gets into a misunderstanding with Giulio and ends up being friends with him.

• Francesca La Cava played the character Arianna Rinaldi

She is proud and confident in herself. She likes to put tags on her people. She falls for Pietro and ends up getting to know the whole truth. She lastly ends up going out with Giulio.

• Pietro Sparvoli played the character Mirko Valenti

He is into music and has a shy, delicate personality. He loves the singer Tancredi and has a conflict with his brother’s friends. He was proposed to by Daniele, which made them drift apart and finally, they ended up again being good friends.

• Fortunato Carlino played the character Paolo Agresti

• Fiorenza Tessari played the character teacher

• Massimo Pio Giunto played the character Michele

• Marta Latino played the character Lucia

• Lorenzo Nicolò played the character Silverio

• Alessandro Laffi played the character Matteo

• Narciso Santiago played the character Damiano

• Federico Cempella played the character Nico

• Tancredi Cantù played the character of himself

• Larissa Iapichino played the character of herself

About Di4ries Season 1 

Di4ries Season 1

Di4ries’ original name is Di4ri which is based on the teenage drama. There are 15 episodes out till now of the series Di4ries season 1, with each episode of twenty-four to fifty-five mins.

The director of the Italian-origin series Di4ries season 1 is Alessandro Celli. The film script of Di4ries season 1 is formulated by Angelo Pastore, Mariano Di Nardo, Ivan Russo, and lastly, Simona Ercolani. The music of the Di4ries season 1 was composed by Tancredi Cantù. The Di4ries season 1 was produced by Simona Ercolani and Grace Assenza.

The series was produced under the production firm Stand By Me. Di4ries is to be released and also has been created by Netflix. For more about the filming, it took almost 18 weeks to complete the filming. It was set over the Island of Ischia.

In Di4ries season 1, each episode is based on the narrative of a character. There are a total of 15 episodes in season 1.

Di4ries Season 1 Trailer

Di4ries Season 2 Release Date

Di4ries season 2 has no information about it yet. There is no notification or anything about Di4ries season 2 yet as Di4ries season one has been released on 18th May 2022.

Where To Watch Di4ries Season 1

Di4ries season 1 is available on Netflix.

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