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Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Ending Explained!

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Diary of a future President is an American TV series that premiered on 17 January 2020. The second season received a lot more attention than the first one. Let’s dive into the finale of season 2 of the series.

Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Recap

 Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Recap
Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Recap

The series revolves around Elena, a 13-year-old middle schooler. This series shows the daily events in Elena’s life through her diary. She wants to become the president of the United States. In this season, Elena is trying to be elected as a student rep. The season shows how Elena tackles her daily obstacles to become a student rep!

Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Ending Explained.

Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Ending Explained.
Diary Of A Future President Season 2 Ending Explained.

The season finale begins with Elena reminiscing how “tumultuous” this year was for her. Even though there were a lot of terrible things that happened this year for Elena it was also kind of good when she looked back on how far she and Bobby has come.

As her speech was stolen by Joey Feldstein, she did not have any speech ready.  Meanwhile, Sam insisted on going to Elena’s school along with Gabi. Bobby is still wondering if he should ask CJ out on a date or not. His friends assured Bobby to ask him out. His friends gave him the idea to take CJ out on a date to a fancy restaurant

Elena’s petition was approved and the head of the Swansby’s statue was removed as the board of the school agreed it was problematic.

Sam felt that he missed out a lot on Bobby and Elena’s childhood as a lot of stuff happened before he came into the picture. Gabi assured them that they were lucky to have him. Tripp was furious when he found out the head of the statue was removed as he felt it was an erasure of his family’s tradition.

He started brainwashing all the students saying Elena is quite inconsistent and she keeps changing her mind. He also mentioned how she hated her mom a while back and now she is suddenly cool with her. This made the students turn their backs on Elena and they started chanting for Tripp.

Sam and Gabi go to Elena’s school where Gabi ends up finding out that Elena badmouthed her on the internet. With the help of Camilla, she finds all the old videos on the internet even though it was deleted. Camilla tried to lighten up the mood by reminding her about the flash mob rehearsal for her proposal on Saturday. But Gabi was quite disappointed as she felt she and her daughter were currently in a good place.

Meanwhile, Elena freaks out as Tripp was turning everyone against her. She realized that the final speech was the only thing that would save this campaign. Bobby and Liam go to check out the fancy restaurant but Bobby has second thoughts about CJ not accepting him so he leaves.

Elena goes home where she is confronted by her mom. Gabi thinks Elena is turning into someone new. Elena feels everyone including her mom is turning against her so screams to her mom saying they are not close as they were.

Feeling dejected Bobby goes to Camilla’s house. Camilla encourages him reminding him how brave he is. She tried to use herself as an example saying she was going to propose to Danielle even though she did not come out to her parents. Danielle ends up hearing about the proposal and somehow gets proposed on the spot. Danielle says yes and the couple kisses.

Bobby finally texts CJ asking if he wanted to grab a bite with him, and he accepted. On the date, CJ confessed how he has always wanted to kiss him. They end up kissing on the date. After going home Bobby introduces CJ to Sam.

Elena realized her mistakes and leaves her diary in her mom’s room. She goes back to her room to rewrite her essay. But her mom doesn’t read her diary and Gabi realized how much Elena could be trusted and how much they are growing as a family.

Elena hasn’t had her speech ready, but after the talk with her mom, she gets an idea. Meanwhile, Bobby shares with his friends about his date with CJ. Danny ends up telling Liam about Bobby’s old crush. Liam feels dejected as Bobby didn’t share his crush with him just because he was going through a breakup at that time.

Meanwhile, it was Elena’s turn to give a speech. She turns the table around and approaches her audience to come up on stage to speak whatever they are feeling. This ended up being a success as a lot of students came forward to share the changes they wanted to bring in

Orange Bay.

The season finale ends with Elena getting a call about the results. However the season ended with a cliffhanger, so we have to wait for another season to find out who won!

You can watch it on Disney+Hotstar.

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