Don’t Season 2 Release Date, Updates, Premise, and More!

Don’t is an American reality game show hosted by Adam Scott and produced by Ryan Reynolds where contestants earn cash by successfully performing hilarious and absurd tasks abiding by just one rule-“DON’T“.

It is a comedic-physical game where the participants could team up with their family members or friends to finish the humorous tasks and win cash prizes up to $100,000!

Don’t Plot

Don't Plot
Don’t Plot

Each episode of the show would be of 60 minutes. There would be teams of four members each who have to together ace various challenges like “Don’t Blink”, “Don’t Look Back” and “Don’t Play Ball in the House” all while they are also constructing their own bank. If at any point someone fails to keep up with the challenge the team loses the money and rather has to face even more ridiculous consequences. Throughout the game, they can even take up their own challenges like pushing the Don’t Push Button or taking a chance on a Don’t You Dare, You. After all, these, whatever money is remaining behind in the bank they built throughout, if any, is theirs to keep!

Don’t Format

In each episode, the teams of 4 participate in 5 rounds, each worth up to 20,000 USD with an additional $20,000 available via the use of the Don’t Push Button and $5,000 available from a side challenge called the Don’t You Dare. Each game’s title starts with Don’t hence the title.

Games that were played include:

Be Shocked: All teammates receive an electric shock while answering true or false questions, if the answer is correct they earn money or they get shocked.

Blink: The team starts with a bank of 20000 USD and they cannot blink their eye for a whole minute. 500 dollars are deducted for every blink of a teammate.

Embarrass Yourself: One member of the team is suspended in the air over a pool while the other three members answer some questions, 5000 dollars are rewarded for each correct answer. However, the member suspended is wearing oversized pants and each time a wrong answer is said one button from the pant pops off and the player shall drop off into the pool if the teammates give three wrong answers.

Talk to Strangers: Here 1 player is blindfolded and the other three are made to sit next to each other by a look-alike, 5000 dollars are awarded if the blindfolded player identifies the family member correctly and 20000 dollars if all the family members are guessed correctly.

There are more games like Stop, use Fowl Language, Lose your grip, Look back, Leave me Hanging, Get Clocked, Make me turn this car around, and more.

While beginning with the second game the team can choose if they want to press the Don’t Push Button before continuing. If the tasks following it are performed perfectly then the 20000 dollars to be won is doubled to 40000 dollars.

At some point in the game there comes another challenge to be performed on the side called Don’t You Dare which can be continued either by the remaining teammates or increase the difficulty of their games. Completing or accepting the challenge would give the team 5000 USD irrespective of the outcome of the game.

The maximum possible winnings for a team for all 5 games played perfectly, the Don’t Push-button being used, and the Don’t You Dare side challenge completed, is $125,000.

Don’t Season 2 Release Date

Don't Season 2 Release Date
Don’t Season 2 Release Date

ABC’s Don’t have proved to be rather short-lived as it has been cancelled after its first season. It had a solid debut during the summer of 2020 and garnered about 3 million viewers on a weekly average. Even among the game shows ABC hosted it stood at 4th position in the demo but unfortunately last in the total audience.

Since the show has been cancelled unfortunately it looks like there are no further seasons for Don’t.

Where to Watch Don’t?

Don’t is available to stream on Hulu. Stay Tuned to Latest Series for More Updates about Don’t Season 2 and Don’t Season 3

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