El Marginal Season 6 Renewal Status, Plot, Cast, and More!

El Marginal is an Argentinian crime drama series that debuted on Netflix as an original series in October 2016.

El Marginal Plot

El Marginal Plot
El Marginal Plot

The first season of the show focuses on ex-cop Miguel Palacios who is now in jail at San Onofre under a fictitious name and made up a judicial case as he is on duty under that mask. His task is to infiltrate and mingle into a criminal gang of prisoners and guards and then consequently extract information about the kidnapping of a judge’s daughter by the said gang.

The second season takes a time jump of about three years before Miguel’s infiltration into San Onofre. Mario Borges and Juan Pablo “Diosito” Borges go to San Onofre with the aim of overthrowing the prison leader. ‘El Sapo’. In order to meet the aim they continue to be allied with another gang, Sub-21, and a mysterious doctor, Patricio Salgado who has an unknown past as well.

The third season sees the Borges brothers with a new task now. They have been given the responsibility of taking care of Cristian Pardo, the son to a very important businessman who also accidentally killed his friend when he was driving drunk. Diosito is having the job of looking after Cristian and taking care of him, at the same time, Sub-21 shakes hands with Pantera and Bruni to bring the Borges down.

Over the series then Diosito and Miguel get bound to be a team and plan a ver risky escape where Miguel ends up behind the bars again.

In the fifth season it is mostly about Miguel’s return to prison to avenge Emma’s death and tackle Mario and Antin now that they have taken over the whole system.

Everything about El Marginal Season 6

Everything about El Marginal Season 6
Everything about El Marginal Season 6

El Marginal Season 5 was released with all of its episodes at once on Netflix on May 4, 2022. Unfortunately, the fifth season is the final season of the show and there will be no further sixth season as the primary cast members themselves officially revealed the fifth season is the final season for the show and concludes the story of the Borges family and Miguel.

The show has completed the story it had to tell and the members believe it is the best and appropriate moment to end it rather than unnecessarily drag it any further.

Season 5 also brings us full circle and gives a fitting ending to the show and all of its character arcs. This is why in spite of the huge fan base and good critic reviews the possibility of season 6 of El Marginal is close to nothing unless the makers decide later on to make a reboot or spinoff for the show. But as of now, it is the end of the prison drama.

El Marginal Season 6 Cast

El Marginal Season 6 Cast
El Marginal Season 6 Cast
  • Nicolás Furtado
  • Martina Gusman
  • Claudio Rissi
  • Gerardo Romano
  • Juan Minujín
  • Abel Ayala
  • Carlos Portaluppi
  • Brian Buley
  • Daniel Pacheco
  • Mariano Argento
  • Maite Lanata
  • Emanuel García
  • Guido Botto Fiora
  • Jorge Lorenzo
  • Adriana Salonia
  • Gerardo Otero
  • Ignacio Sureda
  • Gustavo Pardi
  • Lucas Pose
  • Marcelo Peralta
  • Mauro Angemi
  • Aylin Prandi
  • Adolfo Yanelli
  • Javier Pedersoli
  • Francisco Lumerman
  • Jonatan Da Rosa
  • Ana Garibaldi
  • Cristina Banegas
  • Enrique Liporace
  • Brian Muniz
  • Rodrigo Mora
  • Lorenzo Ferro
  • Alejandro Awada
  • Ana María Picchio
  • Esteban Lamothe
  • Roly Serrano
  • Verónica Llinás
  • Rodrigo Noya
  • Mariana Genesio Peña
  • Adrián Navarro
  • Daniel Fanego
  • Carlos Cano
  • Jimena Anganuzzi
  • Gustavo Garzón
  • Marcelo Mazzarello
  • Osqui Guzmán
  • Mercedes Scápola
  • Eugenia Alonso
  • Diego Cremonesi
  • Liz Moreno
  • Marcos Woinsky
  • Fernando Caride
  • Alma Gandini
  • Laura López Moyano
  • Daniela Pantano
  • Ramiro Martínez
  • Silvina Bosco
  • David Masajnik
  • Denis Corat
  • Braian Ross
  • Guadalupe Yepes
  • Mónica Raiola
  • Andy Gorostiaga
  • Victoria Césperes
  • Cumelen Sanz
  • Luis Ziembrowski
  • Kate Rodríguez
  • Favio Sancinetto
  • Lautaro Zera
  • Julieta Zylberberg
  • Chang Sung
  • Inés Palombo
  • César González
  • Nicolás Yannicelli
  • Alejandro Tobares
  • Camila Garofalo
  • Julieta Caputo
  • Paula Cancio
  • Antonella Ferrari
  • Roberto Vallejos
  • Joaquinha Lerena
  • Majo Castorina
  • Sofía Dieguez
  • Andy López
  • Valentino Ramella
  • Sebastián Chávez
  • Dtoke
  • Rolando Schiavi

Where to watch El Marginal?

All episodes of El Marginal are available to stream on Netflix. For More Updates Stay Tuned to Latest Series

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