Escape Room 3 Release Dates, Casts, and All we know

Escape Room 3 is one the best treatment to the horror series loving fans’ eyes. The series is curated by the Escape Room franchise, who have already given their amazing work glimpse with the Escape Room and the Escape Room: Tournament of Champions as the first two seasons of the Escape Room. The series is directed by Adam Robitel and produced by Neal H. Moritz under the Columbia Pictures and Original Film production companies.

Escape Room 3 is a horror movie that presents thrills in a most exciting way that leads the viewers to drop down their chairs and have their seat bel tight at the same time. The story will take forward the second season of the movie Escape Room: Tournament of Champions which ended on a cliffhanger.

The well-presented casts and top-quality content have taken all the eyes along! The series attracted both horror movie lovers and non-horror movie lovers with its outstanding piece of work. And that’s the reason why everyone is seeking Escape Season 3.

Escape Room 3 Casts

Escape Room 3 Casts
Escape Room 3 Casts

The American survival series is composed of multiple talented casts. The franchise was well aware that the cast has a major part of the responsibility of the series to make it a super hit. The cast chosen by the franchise did their job in an outstanding manner leaving a high impact on the fans to appreciate them with no minimality. moreover, there was a change in the casts when the makers decided to yield the second version of The list of the cast of both of the Seasons along with their characters and roles is mentioned below:

  • Taylor Russell as Zoey Davis
  • Logan Miller as Ben Miller
  • Deborah ann Woll as Amanda Harper
  • Holland Roden as Rachel Ellis
  • Indya Moore as Brianna Collier’Thomas Cocquerel as Nathan
  • Carlito Olivero as Theo
  • Isabelle Furhman as Claire
  • James Frain as Henry
  • Tanya Van Graan as Sonya
  • Lucy Newman-Williams as Zoey’s Therapist
  • Scott Coker as FBI Agent
  • Matt Esof as Vagrant

The main cast and appearing roles of the first two Seasons may pave the way for Escape Room 3. It is not certain though but we can expect some major comebacks of the cast for their alluring roles in Escape Room 3.

Escape Room 3 Plot

Escape Room 3 Plot
Escape Room 3 Plot

Escape room 3 will no doubt continue the same story that ended in the second Season of the series. The second season ended with the revelation of Minos’s identity followed by Zoe and Ben who are now returning home unaware of the fact that the horror events haven’t ended for them yet. Zoey however manages to understand that the refueling of the jet is another sign of the next horror event in the series, one of the escaping death chambers of Minos.

It is therefore worth waiting to watch what twist the third Season of the franchise will bring in Escape Room 3 to give it the thrilling mold.

Escape Room 3 Trailer

The trailer of Escape Room 3 is much awaited by the fans to take a glimpse. But on the note, that trailers of the first two Seasons were made available just a minimum time before the date of release of the series, it can be taken into data that the trailer of Escape Room 3 will also be available in the same way. Additionally, there is no official information regarding the same but will be served to you soon once updated by the makers or our trusted sources of information.

Escape Room 3 Release Date

Escape Room 3 Release Date
Escape Room 3 Release Date

One of the top haunted movie series birthed by the franchise is coming super soon with Escape Room 3. The first series was launched in January 2019 and the second Season of the series, ‘Escape Room: Tournament Of Champions’, got its fame just after its release on 16 July 2021. The second series ended with much-unrevealed stuff that made it quite obvious that the third Season will take its place soon. Yes! The franchise has decided to give a comeback with its third Season to take away the breaths of the fans. However, the release date is not yet fixed but it can be expected in late 2022 or early 2023.

Where to watch Escape Room 3?

The first Season of the Escape Room Franchise, the ‘Escape Room’ is streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, ESPN+, and Netflix. The second Season of the franchise, ‘ Escape Room: Tournament of Champions’ is also made available on the same OTT platforms by the makers. It is therefore obvious that the makers will opt for these platforms for the release of Escape Room 3 for the audience to give watch.

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