Exhumed Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and All we know!

Exhumed explores unresolved mysteries and criminal cases in each of its episodes. This crime documentary was released on January 17, 2021, and has its second season on-air right now too.

Exhumed Plot

Exhumed Plot
Exhumed Plot

Exhumed is a crime thriller documentary where it deals with a particular mind-boggling murder in each of its episodes. Each episode focuses on a particularly convoluted and twisted crime where the key to solving it is to unearth the victim’s body. Every episode is filled with suspense and thrill which eventually leads to shocking and unexpected breakthroughs, unforeseen twists and turns to serve justice and fairness at the end.

Exhumed Episodes

Exhumed Episodes
Exhumed Episodes

Episode 1 – Murders on the Edge of Town

A mom in Missouri leaves home one night with no return. When a new medical examiner investigates the case and executes an illegal exhumation eventually, we discover the reports reveal not just one but in fact two murders.

Episode 2 – The Body Under the Bulldozer

The patriarch of an honorable family in Alabama gets killed in a gruesome and horrible accident, the autopsy is in sync with what the external stories say but the medical examiner feels bound to take another look as suspicious stories unfold around the family and their finances.

Episode 3 – Murder in the Details

The dead body of a new mom is found lying in her apartment. Her death is announced as an “accident” but when the new investigator gets deeper into the matters and finds evidences the exhumation shall prove how the reality goes way deeper and aloof from what people are forced to be believed in.

Episode 4 – Forever Young

The corpse of a popular teenager is found in her backyard holding on to an empty alcohol bottle. When investigated it is found that liquor did not kill her and mysteries unfold revealing someone wanted her to be gone.

5 more episodes are still remaining to be released.

Exhumed Season 3 Release Date

Exhumed Season 3 Release Date
Exhumed Season 3 Release Date

The third season of Exhumed is still yet to be confirmed by Oxygen. There has been no official renewal of the series yet. The second season is still on air with new episodes releasing every Sunday on Oxygen at 7:00 pm, so, season 3 if it happens still has to be waited for. If the second season continues to be received well and garners good viewership we can surely have hope for another season. A potential third season may then be released somewhere during Spring 2023.

Exhumed Season 3 Cast

Natalie Moore narrates the episodes of Season 1 of Exhumed.

  • Andrew D. Erath
  • Tommy Campbell
  • Peter Aylward
  • Christopher Judd
  • Tim Munsey
  • Richard Lamparter
  • Cameron Hawk
  • Timothy Carr
  • Chris Kesterson
  • Brent Moorer
  • Josh Brandon
  • K.J. Sylk
  • Brian Scott Gilmore
  • Kody Burns
  • Peyton Standridge
  • Les Murphy
  • Damian Tanenbaum
  • Leonard Freeny
  • Jenny Austin
  • Ben Dawson
  • Jill Holder
  • Emily Muse
  • Kristjan Grimson
  • Tommy LeNoir
  • Kachelle Steigerwald
  • Roy Y. Chan
  • Roger Albelo
  • Brett Taylor
  • Jenna Tisdale
  • Jaydie Tatum
  • Claire Palmer
  • Amelia Bartlett
  • Lane Shuler
  • Rachel B. Erath
  • William J. Mode
  • Kevin Walker
  • TonyLewis
  • Meredith
  • Grace Asher

Where to Watch Exhumed?

The first season of Exhumed is available to stream on NBC while the second season of Exhumed can be streamed on both NBC as well as Oxygen.

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