Five Bedrooms Season 3 Ending Explained: Is Ainsley and Simmo Get Their Rooms?

Five Bedrooms is an Australian comedy-drama television series, which was first screened on Network 10. The eight-part series premiered on 15 May 2019, at 8:40 pm. In the United States, the series started streaming on Peacock on April 15, 2020.

This Australian comedy-drama television series was created by Michael Lucas and directed by Peter Templeman, Faria Abboud, Shirley Barrett, Corrie Chen, and Fiona Banks. This series got a very positive response it’s got 7.7/10 ratings and

Rotten Tomatoes get a whooping 78 percent fresh on audiences score.

Here we have analyzed the ending to understand where the show might go from there. SPOILERS AHEAD

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Five Bedrooms Season 1 Recap

In the first episode, five singles purchase a house together and soon face the challenges of forming a makeshift family as people from all walks of life with only one thing in common the house they find themselves moving into. In the second episode Ben, Ashley, Harry, and Liz begin their housewarming celebration and Heather tries to fight her desire to return home. In the third season when boundaries are pushed and complaints arise, all the roommates are ready to kick Ben out of the house.

The next episode shows that Liz drowns her sorrows alone, Harry has a crush on his policeman neighbors Pete, Ben, and Heather’s housemates deal with a medical emergency. In the next episode we can see that Ready to kick things off at her birthday festivities, Heather makes a surprising discovery about the person her receptionist is dating; Liz drags Heather to Ainsley’s birthday shindig.

Then in Four Mates After Heather’s surprise party, the housemates decide to call a truce for Mia’s visit. However, a bad case of food poisoning plagues the household. And In the last and final episode of the season, we can see that Ainsley, Heather, Ben, Liz, and Harry have decided to put their house on the market. The drunken joke has turned into a reality.

Five Bedrooms Season 2 Recap

The first episode shows that the gang’s plan to buy a new house is upended when Liz runs into her ex-husband and his girlfriend; Ben tries to convince Heather that they should live as a couple; Harry tries to lean into his new, openly “gay and out loud” status. Then Ainsley’s preparations for a gender reveal party is derailed by the wrath of Lachlan’s ex, Melanie; Harry and Liz both commit to dating, egging each other on to head out every Saturday. Then in the Third episode After suffering an accident, Ben is forced to take desperate measures; Harry finally introduces his new love to the gang.

Show. Then in Five wishes High on love, Harry wants to bring his new man to his family’s Diwali celebration but ends up causing a meltdown. Heather refuses to admit she’s struggling to keep a handle on things. In no five episodes, Heather fails to stay calm when she gets a workplace bullying complaint, putting at risk her entire career; Ainsley finds herself increasingly drawn to Simmo.

Next, we can see that When Ainsley innocently asks the roommates about their thoughts on private schools, all the fault lines are exposed; Harry tries to smooth things over with Liz. Then flailing in his open relationship, Harry leaves a string of deeply regrettable voicemail messages on his boyfriend’s phone; Heather discovers a potential new career; Liz receives an unexpected gift from Stuart. In the season finale, we can see that the household dynamic is under threat when an unexpected decision is announced and the timing couldn’t be worse for the roommates.

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Five Bedrooms Season 3 Recap

With the entire house depending on him, Ben decides to launch himself as a bed-and-breakfast accommodation provider; he feels the pressure but rises to the occasion until his teen daughter arrives. Then in the second episode. When Liz returns from her UK studies, Harry realizes that once again, he is left at a complete standstill in his own life. In the third episode With her major exam looming, and rumors that a marriage proposal could be on the horizon, Heather’s world is torn asunder when she discovers Ben’s betrayal.

In the next episode Following her UK success, Liz gets wooed by top law firms, including her former boss, who brutally fired her. He wants to hold a soiree in her honor to offer her partner. In the next episode, Ainsley finds herself in a committed relationship for the first time. However, she is concerned that things are going too fast, and that Simmo might propose. In the sixth episode, Heather is barely just tolerating Ben.

She inadvertently sets Ainsley and Harry on a mission to get her back on the dating scene. In Two parties Harry finds himself in charge of organizing Ainsley’s questionably-themed white-party hens, and Simmo’s fire-on-the-land bucks. In the season finale, Ben is determined to be there for Simmo and Ainsley on their wedding day. However, truth bombs are dropped on the big day.

A feel-good, moving series, Five Bedrooms is a solid candidate for your first binge of the New Year. Whether you’re a long-time fan or plan to meet these charming characters for the first time, you’ll be in great company.

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