Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

It all began in June of 2020 when Netflix premiered the hit game show Floor Is Lava. Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal are the brains behind it. As of soon, Netflix subscribers will be able to enjoy another sizzling season of Floor is Lava. It’s true what you’ve heard. The return of Floor Is Lava, the show in which teams strive to avoid lava by jumping from chair to chair and curtain to curtain and chandelier to chandelier, is imminent.

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Release Date

Fans of the funny reality game show Floor is Lava are already wondering if there will be a season 4 after the release of the third season on Netflix this past Friday, September 30. Teams compete by using acrobatic techniques such as jumping from chairs, hanging from drapes, and swinging from chandeliers to make their way through lava-filled chambers. How exciting!

Megan McGrath’s series is a modern take on a classic pastime that had us launching ourselves off couches and coffee tables as kids. The 2020 premiere of the streamer’s reality program has different teams of three competing for $10,000 by completing a series of challenges and completing a task within a specially built space. You’ve probably already seen the five new episodes in one sitting and are dying to find out what happens next.

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Cast

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Cast

Right now there are no sources about the show. But as per assumption, there might be some things same as the previous series.

Is everyone’s favorite presenter, Rutledge Wood, coming back for another season of Floor Is Lava? Okay, that makes sense. This season, Rutledge Wood returns as the show’s host, guiding contestants as they attempt to complete challenging obstacle courses while avoiding the ground at all costs.

This time around, the show will feature fifteen brave teams competing for a $10,000 top prize. Arthur Smith, Anthony Carbone, Frank Sinton, Anthony Storm, Brian Smith, Caroline Baumgard, Irad Eyal, and Megan McGrath are the show’s executive producers. Here we are at the start of a brand new season of Floor Is Lava, as Rutledge Wood proudly proclaims. Exactly where is all this molten rock? Hotter. “The massive mountain of lava? Hotter. Who is the host? And it’s still smoking hot.”

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Plot

Floor Is Lava Season 4 Plot

As per the previous show

There is Volcanic Activity Below All five of Season 3’s new episodes will last a full 30 minutes. The drama and suspense will build with each new episode. When watching the show, have you ever put yourself in the role of one of the contestants? If not, give it another shot.

This will be even scarier than being flung from a tremendous height while securely fastened in a roller coaster seat. On the contrary, not in this case. There’s no safety belt or seat, just a bunch of molten lava. The crowd waits with bated breath to see who will be the first to the top of the towering volcano.

So to contradict the next show would be more exciting and will come with more entertainment as well as dares.

Where To Watch Floor Is Lava Season?

You can watch all the episodes of the show on Netflix.

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