Grant Season 1 Ending Explained

Grant is an American tv series based on a 2017 book by Ron Chernow. This series is directed by Malcolm Venville. This is a mini-series with only 3 episodes. It premiered on May 25,202 on history. This series is about the life of Ulysses S. Grant, the eighteenth President of the United States. The enhanced visuals and dramatic scenes brilliantly portrayed the legacy of Grant. 

Grant Season 1 Cast

Grant Season 1 Cast
Grant Season 1 Cast
  • Justin Salinger as Ulysses S. Grant  
  • Carel Nel as Abraham Lincoln
  • Dianne Simpson as Julia Grant
  • Craig Jackson as General Henry Halleck
  • Francis Chouler as John Rawlins
  • Jason K. Ralph as General William Sherman
  • Brian Heydenrych as Robert E.Lee
  • Daniel Fox as Colonel Charles Marshall
  • Arthur Falko as Young Sentinel (Shiloh)
  • Darron Araujo as Mark Twain

Grant Season 1 Plot

Grant Season 1 Plot
Grant Season 1 Plot

The series begins with the birth of Grant. He was born into a family of abolitionists. As a child, Ulysses S.Grant helped his father with his tanning business. Then he is sent to military school. He ended up being a cadet at West Point and he started working as a quartermaster during the Mexican-American war.

When the nation was being ripped apart due to several issues about slavery, Grant marries Julia, who was the daughter of a slave-owner in White Haven, Missouri. He had two sons.

He was later stationed at Fort Humboldt. He becomes extremely depressed without his wife and kids so he ends up resigning from the U.S. Army and starts adjusting to a normal lifestyle as a civilian. He ends up learning about a lawyer named Abraham Lincoln who was running for president to end slavery. 

Grant was forced into war when the southern states seceded from the Union. With his navy gunboats, he then takes out Fort Henry and Fort Donelson and finally wins the Battle of Shiloh in Tennessee alongside General Sherman in 1862. He then wins the Battle of Jackson and finds out that the freed slaves wanted to fight alongside his soldiers.

The Emancipation Proclamation was created by President Lincoln in 1863 to call all black people to arms and put them in Union blue uniforms. They end up winning on Missionary Ridge. Lincoln meets Grant and promotes him as lieutenant general at the White House 

The rest of the series shows an extremely brutal battle between Grant and Confederate General Robert E. Lee in the Battle of the Wilderness of Spotsylvania County in Lee’s home state of Virginia in 1864 and how Grant changed the nation forever.

Grant Season 1 Ending Explained 

Grant Season 1 Ending Explained
Grant Season 1 Ending Explained

Grant ends up failing in the Battle of Cold Harbor. A wrong man, James Ledlie was put in charge in the Battle of Petersburg. This caused a lot of disruptions.

In 1864, General Sherman captured Atlanta before the re-election of Lincoln and Grant defeated Lee in Jetersville. Lee ends up surrendering to Grant in 1865 at the Wilbur McLean House in Appomattox. This naturally makes Grant the winner of the Civil War. 

Unfortunately, Lincoln gets assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre, and Grant is called to serve as the 18th president of the United States during one of the most difficult times in America’s history

This period was called the Reconstruction era. Grant finishes two terms of his presidency and travels the world with Julia. The series ends with Grant writing his manuscript with Mark Twain. In 1885, Ulysses dies due of throat cancer. He died as the “savior of America”.

Where Can I Watch Grant?

The mini-series can be streamed on Prime Video, HISTORY, and Roku

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