Everything We Know About Heaven’s Garden Season 2 So Far

Heaven’s Garden Season 2 will probably be out soon. It is a Korean drama. Cheonsangui Hwawon is the revised Romanization for the series Heaven’s Garden, and the director of Heaven’s Garden is Lee Jong-Han.

Season one held 30 full-length episodes, and you’ve got to admit that that number is impressive. The series was published from December 3, 2011, to March 11 2012 in Korean.

Not much has been revealed about the story, cast, or even the release of Heaven’s Garden as of now, so here’s what we do know. Let’s start by talking about Heaven’s Garden Season 1.

Heaven’s Garden Season 1 Synopsis

Heaven’s Garden Season 1 Synopsis
Heaven’s Garden Season 1 Synopsis

Here is the official synopsis of season one of the highly-rated show, Heaven’s Garden.

“When you disobey your parents’ wishes and marry someone they don’t approve of, can you go back home again when the marriage fails? Jung Jae In (Yoo Ho Jeong) has no other choice but to return to her family home, despite being disowned by her father, Boo Sik, (Choi Bul Am) for marrying a divorced man with a daughter. But she brings her stepdaughter Eun Soo (Kim Sae Ron) and her daughter Hyun Soo (Ahn Seo Hyun) back to the picturesque countryside of the Kangwon Province when her husband Tae Sub (Kim Ho Jin) is imprisoned after his business goes bankrupt in Seoul.

Leaving her daughters in her father’s care, Jae In returns to Seoul and hocks all of her possessions to bail her husband out of jail. On the day of his release, a mysterious woman meets her husband and leaves with him. Her world shaken, Jae In returns to her father’s home and faces the strained relationship with her father. Will Jae In be able to overcome her heartache and reconcile her family?”

Heaven’s Garden Season 2 Plot

Heaven's Garden Season 2 Plot
Heaven’s Garden Season 2 Plot

Since this drama revolves around bittersweet familial relationships, pain, hope, hurt, and healing, it is safe to say that the second season will bring us a similar niche.  Set on the deserted mountainside in the Kangwon Province, we view gorgeous cinematography. This is how it played out: a bankrupt business, a divorced husband, and Jung Jae In return to her countryside home which she shares with her father and two girls. We expect developments in her personal life will dominate the second season.

How she reconnects with her father and rebuilds her strained relationships back home will play a key factor in the show’s progression.

Heaven’s Garden Season 2 Cast

Heaven's Garden Season 2 Plot
Heaven’s Garden Season 2 Cast

While it is difficult to determine which characters will play a role in this season, we suspect it’ll be more or less the same as Heaven’s Garden Season 1, since the viewers have grown utterly comfortable with the present casting.

Series Directed by 

Jong-han Lee

Series Writing Credits  

Eun-nim Ko(screenplay) (1 episode, 2011)

Series Cast  

Chani Shin Seung Woo
Seo-hyun Ahn Kang Hyeon
Ho-jeong Yu Jeong Jae
Bool-am Choi Jeong Boo-sik
Ho-jin Kim Kang Tae
Kang Sa Joo-hong
Kim Sae-ron Kang Eun
Jung-hoon Ahn Lee Nam
Woo-Sung Hyun Shin Woo-gyun
Won-ju Jeon Nam-gil’s mom
Kyung Soon Jung Koo Bon-Sook
Myoung-guk Kim Oh Cheol-joo
Ji-eun Lee Oh Monica
Joo-sil Lee So Pal-bok
Hyun-kyung Uhm Kim Myung-ok

Heaven’s Garden season 2 Release Date

Heaven's Garden season 2 Release Date
Heaven’s Garden season 2 Release Date

Not to be a buzzkill, but we’re not quite sure when the second season comes out. We suspect it’ll be soon, although nobody can be sure till an official announcement is received. It is expected that Heaven’s Garden Season 2 will be Available on Netflix this Year.

The story will, for sure, be beautifully written, sharing a present, modernistic theme of breaking and rebuilding relationships. The story tells us of survivors, struggles, and the fruits they bear. You can never go wrong with a few on screen life lessons, and this is one of them.

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