Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Everything You Need To Know About The Show

Hellsing Ultimate had a good enough run, but unfortunately, the novel’s dark and macabre aspects were not properly portrayed in this anime; making it quite the glorified disappointment. 

Among the prime causes for the project’s demise was its inability to depict the manga’s narrative and characters, which surprised viewers who tuned in to watch the anime rendition. Despite the designers’ ambitions to make it an unsettling gothic tale inspired by adventure and terror, it ended up being a violent and gory catastrophe for the audience that viewed it.

Then again, it did meet the expectations of a (rather narrow) group of people- fans of the manga, or those testing the waters with anime for the first time. It makes sense why the show stands cancelled.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Renewed?

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Renewed
Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Renewed

This cartoon was developed by Gozo Studio and shown on Fuji Television from October 10, 2001 until January 16, 2002. There were thirteen episodes in total over the run of the show, and they were all extremely underwhelming. 

Although the majority of viewers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the series’ first season, some remain optimistic that the production studio will produce a second season that is better and more noticeable, and will succeed in erasing the series’ unfavorable reputation. 

Profile of OVA Installment Hellsing: Ultimate II is the sequel to Hellsing: Ultimate. It was first released in Japan on August 25, 2006, and then in North America on June 12, 2007 by Funimation Entertainment under Geneon USA license.

The original Hellsing anime had to abandon the manga narrative halfway through owing to a shortage of material (the manga was still in its early stages at the time), leaving the remainder as filler. It also suffered from a lack of money and director enthusiasm.

Since Hellsing was never well-received, the whole premise of a new season seems like a waste of time and resources.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date
Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Release Date

In case of the very wavering chances of renewal, the anime’s second season will most probably premiere in the fourth quarter of 2022. Again, keep in mind that this is if and only if it is renewed at all. The chances of that are pretty slim.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Plot

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Plot
Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Plot

Hellsing, Walter C. Dornez, and Alucard are the main characters in the anime series’ plot. Hellsing and Walter C. Dornez were Facebook friends on the Sir Integra page. 

Her dad was killed in front of her, and she pledges to avenge him by killing the murderers and not resting till she succeeds. Integra, the daughter of protestant knights leader Abraham van Hellsing, meddles during combat to save her father. Walter, a formidable warrior from the Buttler family, accompanies them on their revenge mission against their ruler. Walter promises to help her on her vendetta expedition. 

The story hence continues, with revenge and bloodshed everywhere.

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Characters

Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Characters
Hellsing Ultimate Season 2 Characters

Alucard (アーカード, Ākādo) is the most powerful vampire who serves the Hellsing Organization. He is the most powerful character in the series, rivaled only by The Captain and Alexander Anderson. Originally, he was Count Dracula.

Seras Victoria (セラス・ヴィクトリア, Serasu Vikutoria) is a policewoman who is turned into a vampire at the beginning of the series, and then serves as Alucard’s assistant, dubbed “Police Girl”.

Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing (インテグラル・ファルブルケ・ウィンゲーツ・ヘルシング, Integuraru Faruburuke Wingētsu Herushingu) is a 22-year-old noblewoman member of the Protestant Knights who is the head and last member of the Hellsing family, the Bureau Director of the Hellsing Organization, and the current master of Hellsing’s vampire, Alucard.

Walter C. Dornez (ウォルター・C(クム)・ドルネーズ, Worutā C. (kumu) Dorunēzu, alt. Walter C. Dollneaz) is a member of the Hellsing Organization who also serves as the Hellsing family retainer.

Pip Bernadotte (ピップ・ベルナドット, Pippu Berunadotto) is a French man with an eye patch over his left eye. He is from a long line of mercenaries and leader of the Wild Geese.

Alexander Anderson (アレクサンド・アンデルセン, Arekusando Anderusen) is a paladin within Iscariot, serving as its trump card against Alucard, who refers to him as his nemesis.

Enrico Maxwell (エンリコ・マクスウェル, Enriko Makusuweru) is the character who is the fanatical leader of the Vatican’s Special Section XIII, the Iscariot Organization. Enrico controls his organization with an iron fist. However, his seemingly blind devotion to his mission often makes his underling Alexander Anderson question his motivations.

Heinkel Wolfe (ハインケル・ウーフー, Hainkeru Ūfū) is an androgynous German assassin and priest within the Iscariot organization. She is partnered with her childhood friend Yumie under Alexander Anderson. Heinkel’s weapons of choice are pistols.

Yumie Takagi (高木 由美江, Takagi Yumie) is a katana-wielding Japanese nun. The character is a fanatical Catholic and seems genuinely to enjoy killing people using her almost superhuman sword skills alongside her childhood friend Heinkel.

Renaldo is an old Iscariot member who debuts in Volume 1 informing Anderson of a vampire attack. He appears later with Maxwell in Volumes 2 and 4.

Makube is the leader of Iscariot for 30 years in the final volume. Not much is known about him other than that he appears to be aware of the supernatural. He also appears to be more level-headed than Maxwell.

The Major (少佐, Sturmbannführer) is the main antagonist and the leader of Millennium.

The Doctor (or “Doc”) (博士(ドク), Doctor (Doku or Dokuta)), his name tag reads “Avondale Napyeer” in Volume 3, is Millennium’s top scientist in the fields of physiology and technology, and the genius behind many of their projects.

The Captain is The Major’s silent, stoic adjutant and bodyguard.

First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle (リップヴァーン・ウィンクル中尉, Rippuvān Winkuru Obersturmführer) is one of Millennium’s top soldiers and a member of the Werewolf special forces.

First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz (ゾーリンブリッツ中尉, Zōrin Burittsu Obersturmführer) is a member of the Millennium forces. She is a tall, massively muscled female vampire character who works for the Millennium organization and is part of its Werwolf force.

Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger (シュレディンガー准尉, Shuredingā jun’i) is a member of Millennium’s Werewolf special forces who is a creation of the Doctor’s.

Tubalcain Alhambra (トバルカイン・アルハンブラ, Tobarukain Aruhanbura) is a member of Millennium who also known as “The Dandy” (“The Dandy Man” in the OVA), a tall and thin character who resembles a malandro archetype in Brazilian culture.

Where Can You Watch Hellsing Ultimate?

Where Can You Watch Hellsing Ultimate
Where Can You Watch Hellsing Ultimate

You can watch the show on Hulu and Netflix.

That’s all we know. Stay tuned for more.

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