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Hernán Season 2 Release Date, Storyline, Cast and More

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Hernán the Spanish historical drama series created by Oscar Jaenada, José Miguel Barrera, Sydney Borjas, Julián de Tavira, Miguel Gutiérrez, and José María Irisarri

The series is co-produced along with Television Azteca, Dopamine, and Onza Entertainment for streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. The distribution network for the series is A&E Network Internationals.

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The show first time on aired in November 2019, with 8 episodes. It won the awards for 29th Actor and Actress Union Awards for Best Actor in international production.

Plus, it got nominated for the 8th MiM series award for the category of Best miniseries and best mini Screenplay. The season got an average IMDb rating of 7.7 out of 10.

And that is why the series is going to be renewed for the coming season “Hernán Season 2”

Is this article all about a possible release date for Hernan season 2? Who will be coming back for this season? What about the storyline, will it be a new start or a sequel? The possible options to watch season 2. Do you want to know about all this? Then keep on reading because we got you everything.

The series planned its premier for season 1 right on the 500th Anniversary of the Fall of Tenochtitlan. The story is based on Capitan Hernan from when he lands on the Mexican coast to the point he wins the whole Mexicas.

The fall of Tenochtitlan was the terrible fall of the capital of the Aztec Empire, which was done at the time of the Spanish conquest of the Empire. It occurs in the time of 1521, by the political games done by Hernán Cortes.

The series star Oscar Jaenada, Dagoberto Gama, Ishbel Bautista, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Mitzi Mabel Cadena, Michel Brown, and many others.

Hernán Season 2 Release Date

Hernán Season 2 Release Date
Hernán Season 2 Release Date

There is no official date announced for Hernan Season 2 by the showrunners. However, viewing it, production, started in 2020. It is anticipated that the season hopefully will be in late 2022 or somewhere in 2023.

Besides, there is no trailer out for the coming season. It might be released a week before the season will premier. But it all had to wait until the release date is out for season 2.

The season will most likely have 8 episodes like in the last one. There may be a difference between one or two episodes. Anyhow, it will all be confirmed once any statement is out related to season 2. But right now there is no further information disclosed by show producers.

Hernán Season 2 Storyline

Hernán Season 2 Storyline
Hernán Season 2 Storyline

There is not much revealed about the plot for season Hernan. But it’s much clearer that season 2 will begin from where the last season ended. Season 1 closed without giving us all the missing pieces for the puzzles. Hence, for the missing pieces, the story will continue from season 1.

Throughout the series, the story focuses on Capitan Hernan Cortes and how his character and aura led to the conquest of the whole continent, i.e. America. The two civilizations which were led by Capitan Hernan fought hard to win the battle.

It is the first Spanish series to be produced by A+E Productions. Adding it means showing the space for international scripted production and foreign language in the global world of mixed diversity, language, and culture.

The series is filmed massively in parts of Mexico and the location of Extremadura, Spain. The dialog work is done in Spanish. It is also available in Maya and Nahuatl.

Hernán Season 2 Cast

Hernán Season 2 Cast
Hernán Season 2 Cast

Well, I think it a sin to change the cast once we are already in love with the characters of the previous season. Thanks to the developers of the series, it is predicted that most of the cast from season 1 will be coming back for season 2.

The cast that will appear in season 2;

  • Óscar Jaenada will play as Hernán Cortes
  • Dagoberto Gama will play as Moctezuma Xocoyotzin
  • Ishbel Bautista will play as La Malinche
  • Jorge Antonio Guerrero will play as Xicotencatl
  • Mitzi Mabel Cadena will play as Doña Luisa
  • Michel Brown will play as Pedro de Alvarado
  • Víctor Clavijo will play as Cristóbal de Olid
  • Almagro San Miguel will play as Gonzalo de Sandoval
  • Miguel Ángel Amor will play as Bernal Díaz del Castillo
  • Isabel Luna will play as Mictecacihuatl

Apart from them, some of the supporting members of the show might appear in season 2. There is no confirmation about it yet. The prominent ones in the last season were

Jano Sanvicente, Gabriel Come, Mabel Cadena, Gabriela Cartol, Dagoberto Gama, Antonio Trejo Sánchez, Antonio Coronado, Ivan Varela, Albert Riera, Aura Garrido, Silverio Palacios, Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, Said Sandoval, Nando González, Clemente Beltrán, Mina El Hammani, Pablo Derqui, Bea Segura, Abdelatif Hwidar, César Vicente, Moreno Borja, Milene Mayer, Jose Casasús, Archie Lafranco, Paloma Alvamar, Jose Luis Huerta and many others.

Hopefully, we will see some of them back on our screens. As for the new characters, the secret will only be disclosed once the season is out.

Where can you watch Hernán Season 2?

Season 2 of Hernán will be particularly released on Amazon Prime Video. Apart from season 2, all the episodes for the last season are also available on prime video. You can binge-watch any of the missing episodes.

Other options to watch the show are Roku Channel, VUDU, or Apple TV on your Roku devices. Sadly, the season will not be available on Netflix. But we can hope for the best. And remember that season 2, will only be aired once it is completely premiered on Prime Video.

We will update the page in case any news is released regarding Hernán Season 2. So don’t forget to bookmark the website before going back. Thus, you can get all the updates right on time and don’t have to forget about any series.

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