He’s Expecting Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled

He’s Expecting is a unique Japanese comedy-drama series that is loosely adapted from the 2012 manga Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin by Eri Sakai narrating the story of a man’s experience of being pregnant.

He’s Expecting Plot

He's Expecting Plot
He’s Expecting Plot

The show throughout its eight episodes brings to the viewers a unique timeline of when men can get pregnant. Kentaro’s whole world takes a turn when h gets to know he is pregnant and carrying a child and now tries to carry on with his daily life whilst being pregnant. He is judged, shamed, ridiculed, and humiliated for being pregnant and also discriminated against for the same. People start seeing and treating him differently now.

Even in his workplace, people now are acting differently from him, especially after his baby bump begins to be seen. The show also shows side by side how women carry on with their daily lives and continue their daily tasks whilst being pregnant too irrespective of the difficulties they face through it.

The show gives a message that “Life is a series of unexpected events”. Cisgender man, Kentaro Hiyama thought his life was all sorted and he had everything under control until he gets pregnant and a series of unexpected events begin to unfold!

He’s Expecting Season 2 Release Date

He's Expecting Season 2 Release Date
He’s Expecting Season 2 Release Date

He’s Expecting has not been officially renewed for a second season by Netflix or Tokyo TV but the community does hope that the comedy-drama would return with a second season too!

Moreover, the series still has some source material from its original manga, so maybe to portray that in live-action too it might return again.

Also, the manga has a sequel too named “Hiyama Kentarou no Ninshin Ikuji-hen” or “He’s Expecting: Childcare Edition.” where we follow the story of the couple now following their son’s birth. If the first season is successful enough then there are good chances for the show to be renewed for a second season.

If there is a potential season 2 then it can be expected to release around mid-2023 at the earliest.

He’s Expecting Season 2 Cast

He's Expecting Season 2 Cast
He’s Expecting Season 2 Cast
  • Takumi Saitoh as Kentaro Hiyama: A 37-year-old marketing executive who suddenly becomes pregnant.
  • Juri Ueno as Aki Seto: A 35-year-old freelance journalist and Kentaro’s lover.
  • Mariko Tsutsui as Tomoko Hiyama: The loving, hardworking, overprotective mother of Kentaro.
  • Yaeko Kiyose as Young Tomoko
  • Ryo Iwamatsu as Mr. Osugi: Kentaro’s boss.
  • Kazuya Takahashi as Dr. Tatsuomi Nakajima: A doctor who specializes in the phenomenon of male pregnancy. He is Kentaro’s and Miyaji’s doctor.
  • Shohei Uno as Miyaji: Kentaro’s first real friend and fellow pregnant man.
  • Maho Yamada as Noriko Miyaji: Miyaji’s thoughtful wife, who gave birth to their first child, Takuya.
  • Lily Franky as Eiichi Hiyama: The estranged husband of Tomoko and father of Kentaro, who he gave birth to.
  • Kazuki Kawakami as Young Eiichi
  • Gaku Hosokawa as Tanabe
  • Kou Maehara as Sawabe: Kentaro’s coworker
  • Yusaku Mori as Endo: Kentaro’s coworker
  • Ai Yamamoto as Nana Koga: Kentaro’s coworker and only female in his UNIVE team.
  • Shima Ise as Matsuno
  • Yukiko Shinohara as Eri
  • Atsushi Hashimoto as Takagi: Aki’s journalist friend.
  • Yuriko Ono as Shiori: A friend of Aki’s
  • Mai Kiryu
  • Shigeru Saiki as Hideo Seto: Aki’s father
  • Toshie Negishi as Yasuko Seto: Aki’s mother

Where to Watch He’s Expecting?

All episodes of He’s Expecting are available to stream on Netflix.

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