High School Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

High School is an upcoming series, a best-selling series of memoirs (2019) of famous pop sisters Tegan and Sara, led by the same name. Tegan and Sara are the pop sisters of the “90s who were nominated for a Grammy Award in 2012” for their album “Get Along”.

High School is a comedy series directed by Clea DuVall for Amazon Freevee. The executive producers of the series are Clea DuVall, Tegan, Sara Quin, Laura Kittrell, Dede Gardner, Jeremy Kleiner, and Carina Sposato. Some of them also served as co-writers and co-directors of the series.

The series is produced under Amazon Studios and Plan B Entertainment. IMDb, on March 17, 2022, announced the production of High School. Eventually, shooting for the series began on March 21 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This article is all about the release dates, plot, and cast of the upcoming series. Where can you watch it? Is it available on Netflix? What is the story behind Tegan and Sara? And last but not least, is it worth watching? To know this and much more continue reading the article.

High School Season 1 Release Date

High School Season 1 Release Date
High School Season 1 Release Date

High School, a new series, is scheduled to premiere on Friday, October 14, 2022, on Amazon Freevee. The series comprises 8 episodes. The first four episodes will release on the same date October 14. With all the next episodes coming every Friday of the week.

The season’s first trailer was released on August 12, 2022. It gives us a sneak-in into the twin sisters as they leave high school to realize their own identities. While the series made its debut at Toronto International Film Festival.

High School Season 1 Storyline

High School Season 1 Storyline
High School Season 1 Storyline

High School is a story of twin sisters who struggle to discover their true selves. It is quite difficult to recognize yourself as it’s a time taking process. However, the struggle becomes more problematic when you have your twin by your side. The story depicts a time in the 90s when both of the sisters were miles apart by close by heart.

When the sisters enter high school, one sister gets into a romantic relationship. While the other one gets into grunge teenagers. They both find it difficult to get along with each other so they make their own separate sets of friends. Yet both of the sisters live a separate life, but both find satisfaction in music. Both of them use this bond to get together again.

Tegan and Sara Quinn, are Canadian pop singers known by their stage name Tegan and Sara. They released a memoir of their High School days. The story focuses on their personal experiences when both sisters work to identify with them. Both of the sisters had to experience the same problems under the same roof. Later on, they came altogether to become pop singers.

Now the upcoming series “High School” is a memoir of Tegan and Sara focusing on the problems of the twin sisters who are on the way to defining their personalities. The series stars the famous TikTok twin sisters, Railey and Seazynn Gilliland.

Railey will portray Tegan, who is a confident, generous, and extroverted teenager who finds the solution to her problems in music. While Seazynn, who will portray Sara, is an introverted, sensitive, and obedient 15-year-old girl. Sara began to become confident when she started playing music.

Cobie Smulders and Kylie Bornheimer are the guest stars who will play the roles of the parents of Tegan and Sara. Cobie will be playing the role of Simone, who is a kind, funny and supportive mother to Tegan and Sara. While Kylie, who will play Patrick, is the boyfriend of Cobie and later on the stepdad of Tegan and Sara. He is a total gentleman.

How do you think these twins will have their self-development?

High School Season 1 Cast

High School Season 1 Cast
High School Season 1 Cast

At this time, there is no official statement about the cast members in the coming series. However, there is an assumption that these prominent actors will be included in the cast according to fans’ expectations.

The main characters will be played by

  • Seazynn Gilliland plays Sara.
  • Railey Gilliland plays Tegan.
  • Cobie Smulders plays Simone, Tegan, and Sara’s mother.
  • Kyle Bornheimer plays Patrick, Tegan, and Sara’s stepfather.

While the supporting roles are played by:

  • Amanda Fix plays Maya.
  • Dom Bergeron plays Will.
  • C.J. Valleroy plays as Evan.
  • Brianne Tju play as Ali.
  • Megan Teering plays a Nurse.
  • Autumn T. Dang plays a Female Student.
  • Austyn Van de Kamp plays as Todd.
  • Brent Gill plays a Co-Worker.
  • Jesse Vandewal plays Kyle.
  • Olivia Rouyre.
  • Esther McGregor.
  • Nate Corddry plays David.

These are not the confirmed cast members of the show, but only speculation. There are chances for a new addition or replacement in the cast. It will be settled down once the season is released.

Where you can watch High School Season 1?

Season 1 of High School will exclusively release on Amazon Freevee. However, you must have to pay to access the website. Only then can you watch your favorite movies, series, or your TV shows.

It offers different subscription bundles so you can choose one of them that you prefer for yourself. Like it offers a monthly subscription for under $14.99 and a year for under $139. There are different pricing for student membership. So it will be feasible.

Unfortunately, Amazon Freevee is only available in the UK and USA at the moment. It is said that it will be available in Germany, too, in late 2022. For non-UK and USA users, we just have to wait until the series is available on any other platform.

Besides, Netflix has not yet announced the premiere of High School. We hope we can see the season on the platform shortly.

Further, if we receive any news about the High School series. We will make sure to add it here on the page. Plus, if you don’t want to miss out on the latest updates regarding all the upcoming seasons. Then don’t forget to bookmark the website.

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