Hortensia Saga Season 1 Ending Explained – Who Is The MC In Hortensia Saga?

Hortensia Saga: Ao no Kishidan (Japanese: オルタンシア・サーガ -蒼の騎士団-, Hepburn: Orutanshia Sāga: Ao no Kishidan) is a Japanese free-to-play role-playing video game advanced and printed by f4Samurai and Sega. It was unconfined in Japan in April 2015 for Android and iOS strategies. An anime television series edition by Liden Films freshened from January to March 2021.

The series game was free to the public in 2015 and is now constant. The lively series of Hortensia Saga will be having 12 episodes which are established by the Blu-ray and DVD announcement of the series separated into three capacities

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Hortensia Saga Season 1 Recap

Hortensia Saga Season 1 Recap
Hortensia Saga Season 1 Recap

This role-playing anime series has a total of 12 episodes. The first episode “Resolve -The Conflict With Camellia” shows that The Kingdom of Hortensia stand robust for over 700 years until they were argued without caution by friend Camellia. Young Alfred Albert, inheritor of the Dominion of Albert, must produce up rapidly and principal his people.

In next episode named Reminiscences -The Lore Of Magonia shows that When beasts from Magonian traditional stories become extensive, an inquisitive boy wants to see the fabled monster of a nearby cave and ends up missing. The third episode named Repose of Souls -To the Isolated Village shows that Albert and Maurice are taxed with payment undead monsters out of Petale Village, which was smeared out sometime before.

In the next episode Turnabout -Prelude to Turmoil displays that The party head to the wealth so Alfred and Maurice can story to Captain Georg. Along the means, they partiality up a pair of young Dayerehan twins, apparently stickers of a vast bout. The fifth episode shows in search of associates within the empire, Captain Georg asks Alfred and the others to find Adelheid, heiress of Olivier’s Dominion.

However, clothes grow tense when Didier and the Ecclesiastical Knights attain to arrest Adelheid. The next chapter True or False -The Burden of a Princess displays that Alfred and the others head to Juin Island to inspect a claim that the absent Princess Marielle is living as a refugee there. Matters are multifaceted with the arrival of Thalia and Elva.

In next episode named Dilemma -A Truth Revealed shows that A shortage of medicinal herbs spurs Alfred and the others to explore what is happening in Cocoa Village. They find the township under church lockdown, with shocking developments inside the hospital.

In next episode shows that Alfred and Deflotte are captive and must option to frantic events when their warden Lucan is unfeeling. Didier reveals some hidden recollections. In next episode named The Witch -A Trial Past-shows that Marielle is alive, and gathers to join the Freedom Army. Beforehand going to war, Adelheid has Marielle visit an uncommon young girl who gifts the princess with a test.

In the next episode Argument -The March to Liberation named displays Pope Vall D’Hebron assigns Flegel, grandson of Balthauser, to lead Royal Order Squad 2 against the Liberation Army, but Flegel has an ulterior motive. Roy, commanding the Camellia forces, has a striking offer for Alfred when their militaries meet. The eleventh episode shows that An old friend receptions the princess’ forces in the capital; Maurice goes to challenge Captain Georg when it’s learned he’s important to the contrasting army; Didier is referred into a fight to buy extra time.

The period finale Potential -Once Again, on the Hill at Dusk shows that Alfred and Adelheid chance meeting their late fathers and must fight them; the truth behindhand Rugis’ rebellion is exposed; the fight with Vall d’Hebron reaches its conclusion.

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Who Was The Princess In Hortensia Saga Season 1?

Who Was The Princess In Hortensia Saga Season 1_
Who Was The Princess In Hortensia Saga Season 1_

Mariyus Casteledo (マリユス・カステレード, Mariyusu Kasuterēdo) is the deuteragonist charm in the Hortensia Saga series. Her real individuality is Princess Marielle D’Hortensia, who escaped with the assistance of Maurice Baudelaire during the cordon of Hortensia.

All the Seasons of Hortensia Saga have solely been released on 9. anime. We are certain that Hortensia Saga Season will similarly release on the identical streaming platform.

Till the release of the upcoming Season, you can watch the earlier seasons of this fictional drama only on 9. anime.

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