I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Release Date, Storyline, Updates, and More

I Shall Master the Family is a popular manga portraying the Lombardi family’s life, which is the former supreme reign over the empire. Soon after the father’s death, the family sees a downside to their fortunes including a child, Florentia who is born to a Lombardi and a peasant who has been destroyed by her cunning and good for nothing cousins. After her reincarnation she vows to protect and restore her family’s honor, win over her grandfather’s love and prevent her father’s death. And the only path she has to choose to accomplish all these goals is to head over this gigantic household.

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Storyline

I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Storyline
I Shall Master The Family Chapter 67 Storyline

Even though the family doctor has restricted Estria to visit Florentia’s father, Gallahan she does so anyways after returning from her academy. The doctor even informed Florentia’s grandfather that it is not possible for a child to cure the king of his prevailing condition cause it is not rational to think that a kid like her could be successful in curing the king of his ailment when he already failed to aid him. Florentia’s grandfather is still trusting toward Estria and reminds the doctor of all her accomplishments and continues to support and believe in her.

Florentia also takes her own stance and demands to visit her father as it is her right while the family doctor still sticks to his own opinions. The reason behind his behavior is his insecurity and fear to lose his job. Estria would administer the Tleburgh medicine to Gallahan after receiving the green signal from Florentia’s grandfather about it. Everyone is surprised and amused to see the medicine work effectively. This may lead to the firing of the family doctor as he could not cure the ailment.

Previously on I Shall Master the Family

Previously on I Shall Master the Family
Previously on I Shall Master the Family

In the previous chapter, the second Prince and Florentia were enjoying their time together until they were intruded on by Belsach who kept enforcing that the second prince only came to pay a visit to his sick uncle. Florentia felt closer to him because everyone tagged him as a “Low-Life’ and hence warned Belsach to keep his distance from her and that it is an order from his grandfather.

She also reminded him of her strength if he fails to stay in his lane when Belsach inquires her if she even has any evidence of what he said which also included lewd comments on her. But when Florentia demanded the second prince to taste his words, Belsach escaped in fear. Florentia was also anxious about the letter she sent to the academy while Estira returns from her academy to see her uncle and guide in his ailment.

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Characters

The protagonist of the show is Florentia Lombardi, a diligent and hardworking girl who loves spending her time in the library just like her father.

Bellezac Lombardi, Lorraine Lombardi, Astaliu Lombardi, Giliou Schulz, and Mayron Schulz are among her other characters.

I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 Release Date

I Shall Master the Family has a rather scattered schedule in terms of publication. They do not follow similar trends with their chapter release timings. But having some idea from their previous schedules we can anticipate that I Shall Master the Family Chapter 67 must be published within a week’s time now.

Where can we read I Shall Master the Family?

Roah Kim wrote the original story (twitter) • Mon (Ant Studio) created the story and art (Twitter).

This manga can be found on sites like manga4reader and others.

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