Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Ending Explained!

Jeff and some aliens is an American tv show created by Sean Donnelly and Alessandro Minoli. It premiered on January 11, 2017. Let’s read and find out what happened at the finale of season 1.

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap

 Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap
Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Recap

The series begins with three aliens traveling to Earth to understand humans. The series focuses on how the aliens help Jeff with their devices and solve his problems.

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Ending Explained!

Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Ending Explained!
Jeff And Some Aliens Season 1 Ending Explained!

The season finale begins with Jeff sharing with his alien buddies about his engagement on dating websites. But he kept rejecting all the profiles solely based on looks. No one ends up connecting with him due to his weird profile.

So the aliens help him to find a compatible soulmate for him. They end up finding four soulmates who are the most compatible from all over the world. He goes into the stimulator to meet his first compatible soulmate, Jessica. Jessica turns out to be a significantly older woman. Jeff goes to meet his second compatible soulmate, Federico. But he turns out to be a guy, and Jeff is not interested in guys.

Surprisingly his third compatible soulmate turned out to be actress Scarlett Johanson. He feels she is his true soulmate. So Jeff goes to meet Scarlet on her red carpet. But scarlet thought he was one of her obsessive fans, so he got a restraining order against Jeff.

Feeling demotivated, he goes to meet his last compatible soulmate, Kiki. He felt she was the only one perfect for him. But he finds out that she has a boyfriend. He ends up breaking the stimulator. But a tiny Kiki pops out of the machine. Turns out the machine creates tiny persons to find love.

The aliens revealed that they killed the other tiny versions of his soulmate and insisted on killing her too because they felt she was not built for this world. It is completely unaware of what she is capable of. But Jeff refuses this and becomes friends with the tiny version of Kiki.

Tiny Kiki felt like she liked the time she spent with Jeff, so she wanted the bigger version of her to date, Jeff. But Jeff expresses that he does not have a chance as Kiki already has a boyfriend named Stu. Kiki reveals how much she hates Stu as she finds him clingy and needy, which makes her suffocate in her relationship.

Jeff and little Kiki go to actual Kiki’s house. Little Kiki steals Kiki’s phone and breaks up with Stu. Jeff thanked her as she paved the way for his relationship. They go home together. The aliens accidentally ended up hurting her, which made Jeff ask them to move to the basement. The aliens were very hurt as they felt he was putting her before them.

The next day Jeff goes to Kiki’s store to impress her with the help of little Kiki. He tries to impress her with everything she likes. HE invites her to a Kraut rock concert which she happily accepts.

She confessed on their date, and the little Kiki forced Jeff to make a move on the actual Kiki. Jeff ends up kissing her. As things move on pretty fast, JEff ditches little Kiki as he feels he doesn’t need her help anymore.

He goes to the basement the next day to find the aliens freezing as he forgot to turn the heat in the basement. He talks about Kiki’s date with them and how cool she was. The aliens urged him to introduce them to her, but he refused.

Meanwhile, little Kiki becomes very jealous as Jeff keeps growing closer to Kiki. Little Kiki tries to make a move on him; he refuses to say that she is nothing more than a friend. She gets mad and leaves.

She gives him a drink, but it ends up being a drug. He falls asleep and doesn’t go to meet the actual Kiki. He wakes up when Kiki comes to visit him. He realized it was little Kiki, inside the stimulation as a tiny Jeff.

HE tries to come out of the stimulation but ends up killing little Kiki, and he comes out of the machine. He tries to approach the aliens to fix his tiny state. HE goes to the aliens with the help of a cockroach. The aliens turn him into a normal state. HE rushed to meet Kiki and apologized for not showing up for the date.

The series ends with Jeff explaining to Kiki how excited he is about this relationship. He tries to be more honest in this relationship and introduces the aliens to her. She ended up fainting, and Jeff assures the aliens to figure out a way to make it work.

You can watch it on Amazon Prime and Comedy Central.

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