Kaze No Stigma Season 2 Renewed or Cancelled?

Takahiro Yamato’s light novel Kaze no Stigma was translated into the anime Kaze no Stigma Season 2. The anime is quite nice and enjoyable, with a fascinating plot, yet there is just one season with 24 episodes available right now.

It comprises a traditional shonen anime plot aimed towards the male audience. It features well-designed combat and likable characters.

From April to September 2007, a 24-episode anime adaptation directed by Junichi Sakata and starring Gonzo aired.

Given the historical period in which it was released, the animation quality is also quite good. Though some of the backstories are lacking in a few details here and there, the cliché of the overpowered MC saving the day all the time can be grating for certain viewers.

However, it is a good animation that is well worth seeing. Due to the tragic death of Yamato’s creator, the odds of a second season of the anime are slim. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of the series, but there is currently no information available.

Kaze No Stigma Plot

Kaze No Stigma Plot
Kaze No Stigma Plot

The anime revolves around Kazuma Kannagi, the main character, who is the most established child in the Kannagi family. He will be the next recipient, but only because of his refusal to use the “Enjustu,” which gives him the ability to use and control fire flares.

As a result, his family believes he is of little value to them… Whatever the case may be, we all know that everything has its highs and lows!

Following his expulsion from the family, he resolved to embrace all of his abilities, and the storey continues. The anime is entertaining to watch, which is why fans are anticipating the sequel, so let’s see if it’s coming or not.

The storey begins with Kazuma Yagami returning to his home, the Kannagi household, which is known for their remarkable ability to control fire, from where he was banished by his own father four years ago despite being the legitimate successor of the household due to his lack of ability to control fire and his defeat by his younger cousin Ayano in the successor ceremony for the Enraiha, a sacred sword, despite being the legitimate successor of the household.

Kazuma had always been a nice and compassionate person, but after being abandoned by his own family, whom he just wanted to love, he has undergone a significant personality change.

Kazuma returned home as a skilled Fujitsu user with the ability to control the wind. His abilities significantly outstripped those of everyone else in the house, including Ayano. Ayano feels angry at times because of their power disparity.

Ayano is a competent En Jutsushi, but he is also irrational and impulsive. Almost all of her work is done on the spur of the moment. She is the Kannagi household’s heir, and she wields the Crimson Flame power as well as the Enraiha sword.

Kaze No Stigma Season 2 Release Date

Kaze No Stigma Season 2 Release Date
Kaze No Stigma Season 2 Release Date

As previously stated, the anime centers around the main character, Kazuma Kannagi, who is the oldest son of the Kannagi family. He is the next successor, but he is unable to employ the “Enjustu,” the ability to manipulate and control fire flames, due to his incompatibility.

As a result, his family believes he is of little use. The series will not be renewed at this time, according to sources, because it delivers something comparable to other programs.

Series NameKaze No Stigma Season 2
GenreAction, Romance, Supernatural
DirectorKôji Hôri
Script WriterTakahiro Yamato
Release DateNot Confirm Yet
Streaming PlatformTokyo MX TV

Season 1 of ‘Kaze on Sigma’ premiered on April 13, 2007, and lasted till September 21, 2007. There were a total of 24 episodes in the series. Following this, many fans who genuinely cared about the show began signing petitions in the hopes that the makers would listen to them.

However, anyone who has been following the world of anime for any length of time knows that this method never works. It’s been about a decade since the first season was released, and all we’ve heard about it so far are some rumors that don’t even make sense.

This leads me back to a point I made earlier in this post. ‘Kaze no Stigma’ is not harmful in any way, but it does provide something comparable to other shounen anime. I also noted that it isn’t the type of anime that has been popular for a long time, as seen by the fact that it is no longer popular.

The only thing that appears to be in favor of a new season is the fact that the manga has already covered a lot of ground. There are a plethora of supply materials available for adaptation. But, from what it appears, no other issue is in support of the ‘Kaze no Stigma’ season 2

While the chances look to be slim, it’s never a bad idea to hold out some hope. So, if you still want a season 2, all you can do is hope that the creators will find a way to make it happen in the future. Until then, you may either start reading the manga or look through our collection of anime, which includes some of the best from the Shounen genre.

We’ll replace it here if we learn about the ‘Kaze on Sigma’ season 2 release date.

Kaze No Stigma Cast

Kaze No Stigma Cast
Kaze No Stigma Cast

Kazuma- Akeno Watanabe is Kazuma’s Japanese voice actor. She was born in the city of Funabashi in the Japanese prefecture of Chiba. Gaming, screenwriting, and other activities are among her interests.

Ayano- In the anime, Ayumi Fujimura plays Ayano’s Japanese voice. She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. Neko Kurosaki is another name for her.

Where can you watch Kaze No Stigma?

The English Dub of ‘Kaze no Stigma’ is available on Funimation, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

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