Kiddie Kai Season 1 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More

Forget about the Karate Kids. Because there is another thriller series in the town. Kiddie Kai, a new series based on a real story, is all set to launch. Just a couple of weeks far.

Let’s talk about the release date of the upcoming season. What kind of series is Kiddie Kai? What are the possible plots for the show? What about the leading characters? Or what are the different options for where you can watch the thrilling show?

To know this much more, read the article till the end. You will surely get the answer to all the questions running through your mind regarding the series.

Kiddie Kai is an American real story-based sport-action series. The season is directed by Max Brat, Shannon Evangelista, Michael Mills, and Eric Evangelista. They also serve as executive producers of the series. 

The show is produced for Discovery+ while it is produced under Hot Snakes Media, Mills Present, and Warner Bros. Studio.

The show is also known as Dzieciece wejscie smoka. Not to worry, the show is all covered in English Dialog.

Keep on reading to learn more about the series.

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Release Date

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Release Date
Kiddie Kai Season 1 Release Date

Kiddie Kai is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, on Discovery+. The season will comprise 6 episodes, each with a running time of 40 to 45 minutes. There is no trailer being released for the season yet.

The first three episodes will release on the same day as lunch. While the next episodes will release on Tuesday of every coming week. The last episode will most likely be aired on September 27, 2022.

However, there is a little good news. Showrunners anticipated that there would be another season of Kiddie Kai.

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Storyline

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Storyline
Kiddie Kai Season 1 Storyline

Kiddie Kai is a documentary-style film or in the other words, a docuseries. A docuseries is one that primarily focuses on a specific person or a group of people that are involved in some real-life event over a period of time. 

Kiddie Kai is an upcoming docuseries, which focuses on the kids that are leading the world of martial arts. These kids don’t take martial arts as a normal sport for self-defense. Not because they take it as an extra-curricular activity that students are excited to do at the end of school. 

However, for those kids, martial arts is the end of the world. It’s an important part of their life which afterward becomes their lifestyle. The series shows how these small kids take martial arts as a goal for their successful life.

The docuseries focuses on the habitants of The Blackbelt byway, which is a region in the Southeastern part of the United States. The region is famous as it’s a flashpoint for martial arts. The rumors say that every corner of Blackbelt Byway has a Dojo. A dojo is a traditional place that is specified for the practice of martial arts.

Like all other cases, each Dojo claims to be the finer in the region. Rather the best in all areas. Same as all parents, each one wants the best master to train their kids. In order there, kids can win the future battle and become a master of the game. They find it quite difficult to choose the best in a region. A pretty natural real struggle for the parents. 

The region offers a service to every kind of student, no matter from which background they belong to. They bring out the best potential of the student, which later on helps them to lead the battle and in the world. The masters put a keen focus on every student, from developing their personality to nurturing their ability. The major reason behind all this is to prepare students for this competitive world.

The system is like a school. The order of the master is like the last order in nature. You can’t deny it. And the one who excels in the practice and leads the whole journey is given the opportunity to show their best discipline and confidence. Needless to say, some real kicking is involved in the whole fight.

As we know there will be 6 episodes of the season. The series makers have not announced anything about the synopsis of the episodes. However, they had released a list of episode titles.

  • Episode 1; Fox in the Hen House
  • Episode 2; First Blood
  • Episode 3; Battle of the Patriots
  • Episode 4; Sunday Smackdown
  • Episode 5; Revenge
  • Episode 6; No Excuses.

What do you think is the series going to be exciting?

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Cast and Characters

Kiddie Kai Season 1 Cast and Characters
Kiddie Kai Season 1 Cast and Characters

At the moment there is no official confirmation about the cast or role in the season the makers. Yet these are some of the actors who are expected to play a role in the show.

  • John Chung represents self.
  • Cliff Kinchen represents self.
  • Jeff McGregor represents self.
  • Sifu Mark Williams represents self.

These will be included in the main cast of the season. There can be any new addition of character or replacement of someone. So we have to wait till the season arrives; only then will we be able to find out about the cast and crew of the whole show.

Where you can watch Kiddie Kai Season 1?

The Kiddie Kai series will be available on Discovery+ at 3 am as per US timing. And yes, do remember to check out if the series is available in your region or not. As the page only works in some countries of the world.

The season will also be available on Amazon Prime Video. However, you have to pay for a subscription if you want to see it on this platform. It offers a number of bundles so you can choose any one you prefer.

Unfortunately, the season will not be available on Netflix at the moment. But we hope we will be able to watch the season soon. If there is any official announcement made regarding the availability of the show. We will make sure to update the page. So stick by us.

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