Leverage Season 6 Release Date, Plot, and More

Leverage Season 6 is awaited by fans because of the action crime series. From December 7, 2008, until December 25, 2012, TNT broadcast the American action/crime drama television series Leverage. Dean Devlin, the executive producer, and director of the series founded Electric Entertainment to produce it. Leverage centers around a group of five individuals—a thief, a grifter, a hacker, and a recovery expert-led by former insurance investigator Nathan Ford, who uses his team’s abilities to pull out heists in order to combat injustices perpetrated by corporations and governments against common people.

Writers John Rogers and Chris Downey and producer Dean Devlin planned for Season 1’s 13 episodes to serve as the entirety of the plot in the event that the show’s order was not renewed. The first nine-episode summer season that debuted on July 15, 2009, was followed by an additional six episodes the following winter. Season 2, for which filming was transferred from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, aired in two parts. In season 3, which premiered on June 20, 2010, Leverage was relocated to Sunday.

Leverage Season 6 Cast

Leverage Season 6 Cast
Leverage Season 6 Cast

Leverage Season 6 cast may be the same as its previous seasons. Let’s meet the cast and their characters:

  • Timothy Hutton as Nathan “Nate” Ford
  • Gina Bellman as Sophie Devereaux
  • Aldis Hodge as Alec Hardison
  • Christian Kane as Eliot Spencer
  • Beth Riesgraf as Parker

Each of the five seasons of the show has featured both new cast members and actors who have previously been in the show. Among the initial cast members were Mark Sheppard, who played James Sterling, Robert Blanche, who played Detective Captain Patrick Bonanno, and Tom Skerritt, who played Jimmy Ford. There are chances that Leverage Season 6 may have a new cast and recurring cast.

Leverage Plot

Leverage Plot
Leverage Plot

Former insurance investigator Nathan “Nate” Ford is renowned for retrieving millions of dollars’ worth of stolen goods and pursuing the world’s most dangerous and elusive crooks. When his kid was ill, IYS, the insurance provider he had spent his entire career working for, used dubious moral principles to refuse payment of a therapy required to preserve the child’s life, resulting in Nate’s son’s death. Nate is recruited by aerospace industrialist Victor Dubenich to retrieve stolen intellectual property by heading a crew of thieves, all of whom Nate has previously pursued, after being emotionally and financially devastated by the costly treatment and subsequent loss of his kid.

Nate initially objects since the thieves—hacker Alec Hardison, “hitter” Eliot Spencer, and a thief only known as “Parker”—all have a reputation for being loner types who don’t work well with others. Nate is finally persuaded to reconsider by Dubenich. Despite the fact that the task is accomplished, Dubenich betrays them and tries to have them killed. Instead of running away, Nate convinces the gang to strike back and enlists Sophie Deveraux, a skilled thief, to help put Dubenich out of business.

The group unites under Nate’s leadership and becomes a very efficient crew, damaging Dubenich’s business, clearing their reputations, and giving each crook enough money to stop committing theft. Realizing their potential as a team, they go to Nate to ask for his guidance on how to move forward. Nate accepts on the condition that they would only target the corrupt and powerful in order to exact revenge on common people who have no other option after being forced to choose between becoming the “white knight” or the “black king.”

Season 1

The squad first finds it difficult to adapt to Nate’s leadership, despite his best efforts to change them. Nate’s battle with alcoholism, his problematic connection with Sophie, and the developing love interest between Hardison and Parker are further subplots. Eliot’s military experience is another repeating element, with cases taking place near his hometown, similar troops who have returned from battle, and former adversaries he encountered while serving. The first season also introduces various recurring jokes, such as Sophie’s unwillingness to act unless she’s violating the law, Hardison and Parker getting cover IDs as FBI agents in organized crime, and Eliot’s multiple hidden abilities.

The team goes unchallenged under the name “Leverage Consulting & Associates” until the season finale, when James Sterling, a former coworker of Nate’s, starts chasing them on behalf of IYS. They respond by robbing Ian Blackpool, Nate’s old boss, of a collection of priceless artwork, returning it in exchange for Blackpool getting fired from his own business, and breaking up for six months.

Season 2

Begins in Nate’s hometown of Boston. When Nate ultimately confesses to Sterling and himself that he is a thief, the team gets back together and continues their operations while still being watched by him. Nate eventually surrenders to Sterling in return for the others’ freedom.

Season 3

The crew is trying to liberate Ford from prison when a strange Italian woman uses blackmail to force them to bankrupt the untouchable criminal Damien Moreau. By the end of the season, Moreau has lost control of the fictitious country of San Lorenzo and is now imprisoned there.

Season 4

Days after the team returns from San Lorenzo, they learn that their headquarters have been bugged. The culprit is later revealed to be a wealthy businessman named Jack Latimer, who has benefited from their victories and is now providing information on the wrongdoing of other large corporations in exchange for a profit on, each company’s demise. When Latimer is discovered to be conspiring against the team alongside Victor Dubenich (the team’s first victim), Nate rejects this offer, and it is confirmed that he was right to have his suspicions.

Season 5

The season premiere concludes with the revelation that Nate is collaborating with Hardison on a covert project that is unbeknownst to the other members of the team. The season begins with Nate having relocated the team to Portland and setting up business at a microbrewery (Bridgeport Brew Pub). The secret project is disclosed and successfully completed after a series of incredibly complex confidence tricks, despite the recurring Sterling. However, the audience is reassured of the team’s continuity in the season’s last episode, which aired on Christmas Day in 2012. Nate and Sophie want to be married, allowing the remaining team members to manage without them.

Leverage Season 6 Release Date

Leverage Season 6 Release Date
Leverage Season 6 Release Date

There are currently no signs that there will be renewable of Leverage Season 6, though. The start of the fifth season was on July 15, 2012. Due to poor ratings, Leverage was canceled on December 21, 2012. The season finale, which established the possibility of a final season, was broadcast on December 25, 2012. Leverage: Redemption, a sixteen-episode revival, was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana, in early August 2020, and most of the performers have since made a comeback.

As soon as we get any information about the renewable or cancelation of the Leverage Season 6 we will inform you the same.

Where To Watch Leverage Season 6?

Where To Watch Leverage Season 6?
Where To Watch Leverage Season 6?

Leverage Season 6 is till now not been announced officially so we cannot inform you where to watch but viewers may rent or buy Leverage on Vudu, Amazon Instant Video, and iTunes to watch online. IMDb TV also offers Leverage for free viewing. If there is renewable of Leverage Season 6 it may stream on the same platform.

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