Little Fires Everywhere Ending Explained

Little Fires Everywhere is a television adaptation of Celeste Ng’s 2017 novel. This show was produced and starred Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington. This show has won five Emmy nominations – including one for Kerry Washington for her lead role in the series. The series was aired on Hulu.

Little Fires Everywhere Ending Explained

Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Ending Explained
Little Fires Everywhere Season 1 Ending Explained

Many things get unpacked in the finale of season 1 of Little Fires Everywhere. Here are answers to some of the most asked questions by the audience about the finale. (a lot of spoilers ahead)

Pearl And Her Biological Dad.

Elena tells Pearl that her biological dad did want her, and it was her mom Mia who lied to her dad, telling her she had a miscarriage. This causes a lot of problems between Mia and Pearl. Pearl then begs her mom Mia to call her biological dad and tell the truth about her birth.

Mia searches her entire house and finds the phone number of Pearl’s biological dad, Joe Ryan. She calls to tell him the truth but breaks down and hangs up after Joe’s wife picks up the call.

How Does Elena Find Out About Lizzie’s Pregnancy?

How Does Elena Find Out About Lizzie's Pregnancy?
How Does Elena Find Out About Lizzie’s Pregnancy?

Elena goes to Planned Parenthood to find out if Bebe went there during her pregnancy and use it against her in the case. Elena finds a file about Pearl’s abortion in the doctor’s office. Elena goes to Mia’s house to hold this information against her. She keeps provoking Mia with the info she found about Pearl’s abortion. But Mia reveals that Lexie got the abortion under Pearl’s name. She also revealed that it was she who covered Lexie’s pregnancy.

Do Mia and Pearl leave the town?

Elena is furious about Mia covering up for Lexie’s abortion, so she says she won’t renew their house contract. Mia asks Pearl if they can leave the town for good because now Elena knows about Pearl’s birth and won’t leave them alone without making a deal. Pearl accepts that her mother is right and understands the complications.

So they pack their belongings and leave for Mia’s childhood town to meet Mia’s parents.

Who Burns Down Elena’s House?

This is the most anticipated part of the series, and the finale revealed that the answer to this question wasn’t what the book fans expected. The creators of the story changed this part of the story. Let’s read further to find out who burned down Elena’s house!

Izzy finds out that her mom sent Mia away. Getting angry, she decides to set the house on fire. She packs a garbage bag full of her belongings and pours gasoline everywhere in her room. When her siblings try to stop her, Elena enters the room.

A colossal argument between Elena and her children happens. Elena reveals that she did not want Izzy in the first place. After hearing this, Izzy runs off, and eldest daughter Lexie confronts Elena about her actions. She also reveals that she had an abortion and says it’s impossible to live up to Elena’s expectations of perfection. Elena loses it and then slams the door.

Lexie decides to carry out Izzy’s plan to burn the house down. With the help of her brothers Trip and Moody, they set the house on fire. The family gets evacuated, and when the cops ask Elena what happened, she takes the blame and says she burned the house down.

Where Did Izzy Go?

A scene is shown where Izzy is hitchhiking on the road as Mia drives by. But it ends up being her dream of Izzy. She wakes up and boards a bus. The series does not show where Izzy is going. The book explains that Izzyy tracks Mia follows her, and goes to Mia’s hometown. However, Izzy’s destination is not revealed and remains unknown.

What Happened To The Baby?

What Happened To The Baby?
What Happened To The Baby?

Linda ends up winning custody of the baby. A lot of pain and money was spent to legally reunite Bebe Chow with her infant daughter. Still, eventually, she lost her case to the wealthy McCulloughs.

This made Bebe heartbroken and furious, so she sneaks into the McCulloughs’ home and kidnaps her daughter. The ending scene shows Linda waking up in the middle of the night and finding the baby missing. The baby is shown reunited with her mother in her car.

The series can be streamed on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

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