MaveriX Season 2 Release Date, Premise, and all we know!

MaveriX is an Australian Tv Drama focused on youngsters and teenagers that was released on April 1, 2022.

The Australian show follows the story of six young motocross riders who have assembled to form this team and make national titles or crash out trying. Each of the six teens are tested on their limits and pushed to their extreme boundaries to at the end provide them with the opportunity of being part of the professional racing team. But in the end, we also witness the friendships and bonds that have been made through all these competitions and pressures amidst the racing.

MaveriX Premise

MaveriX Premise
MaveriX Premise

Scott Griffin is among the top riders on the Australian Junior motocross circuit which is also a lineage he is continuing after his father Ken “Griffo” Griffin started as a champion on the circuit. The father-son duo plan to start this new bike academy and named it MaveriX and they are now looking for new students to recruit.

Jenny is one of the very few girls who show interest and takes part in the circuit and experiments with chances. Richie is someone who has big potential but his parents want him to focus academically and increase his grades at his private school. Kaden was on hold as he was planning to join the Katzo Motorsports team but since he loses the final to the best rider of the team, Lawson in the end also ends up joining MaveriX instead.

Lawson attempts to manipulate Scott and feeds stuff in his head like he is not his father which does work to some extent since Scott does get distracted by Lawson at the finals but still manages to come second.

Griffo on the other hand worries that the two highly advanced riders from Perth were not coming to the school as he invested all the family’s savings into this for the courses to be redone and all the improvements that can be made. An anonymous and mystery girl also observes and watches all these events happening from afar.

MaveriX Season 2 Release Date

MaveriX Season 1 has ended only recently so it will take time to get any information from the production team about the future of the show and as of now, there has been no official word on the renewal status of the show.

If the show continues to be garnering big viewership numbers across the globe then it will most probably be given another season but as of now, there has been no word regarding it or the potential for MaveriX Season 2.

MaveriX Cast

MaveriX Cast
MaveriX Cast
  • Darcy Tadich as Scott
  • Tatiana Goode as Jenny
  • Sam Winspear-Schillings as Bear
  • Tjiirdm McGuire as Richie
  • Sebastian Tang as Kaden
  • Charlotte Maggi as Angelique
  • Jane Harber as Tanya
  • Rohan Nichol as Griffo
  • Kelton Pell as Vic Simmons

Where to Watch MaveriX?

MaveriX Season 1 is available to stream in its entirety on Netflix. MaveriX was released on ABC Me during its original release in 2021. The show recently ended on 10th April 2022.

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