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My Girlfriend Is A Shobitch Season 1 Ending Explained

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My Girlfriend Is a Sho-bitch is a Japanese anime series directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama and Hideki Shirane wrote it. It premiered on October 12, 2017. The series is an ecchi romantic comedy. The series got a mixed set of reviews. Some of the audiences criticized the series for its excessive amount of sexual jokes as they found most of it unfunny. In contrast, some audiences found the series interesting and funny because of its lively characters. Here’s an explanation of the ending of the anime series.

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Recap Of The Series

Recap Of The Series
Recap Of The Series

The series is about a high school teen named Haruka. He has had a crush on his class representative, Akiho Kousaka, since his first year in high school. He finds her ideal because of her skills, personality, and appearance. He confesses his love to her, and she surprisingly accepts it.

Since Akiho has no experience in dating, she only suggests sexual activities. She tries her best to please Haruka, but he wants to have a normal relationship that is not solely based on physical activities. This made all the dates between them extremely awkward.

The rest of the series showed how the couple built their imperfect relationship together.

Ending Of Season 1 Of My Girlfriend Is A Sho-bitch Explained

Ending Of Season 1 Of My Girlfriend Is A Sho-bitch Explained
Ending Of Season 1 Of My Girlfriend Is A Sho-bitch Explained

The last episode begins with Haruka waiting for Akiho as she is late for their date. Akiho apologizes for being late, and they begin their date. They do cute things like shopping, watching movies, feeding each other, and watching the sunset together. As they watch the sunset together, Akiho leans in for a kiss, and Haruka screams. He ends up realizing all that happened was a dream.

Another day when school ends, Akiho finds Haruka sleeping in an empty class. She goes to wake him up but ends up admiring his features while he is asleep. When he wakes up, she pretends to be asleep. Haruka pats her head, thinking she is asleep, but he finds out she was awake the whole time.

They end up leaving together. Haruka asked if she did not like it when he touched her head, and she replied that it was unfair that only he got to pat her head and not her. Haruka thinks she will kiss him as she leans in, but she pats his head instead.

The school goes out to draw. The couple ends up drawing a landscape together. However, Haruka could not draw properly, so Akiho ended up being the model for Haruka’s drawing.

As he stares at her while drawing, he gets reminded of their moments together since they met. He realizes how much he loves her and ends up saying it out loud. Akiho gets taken back by his sudden confession. Haruka apologizes and assures her that she does not have to rush in saying it back. He also thanks her for everything. Akiho ends up sayingit back. The last series scene shows Haruka showing his portrait to Akiho and Akiho sulking after seeing it.

The anime series can be streamed on Amazon Prime and Crunchyroll.

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