Nightflyers Season 1 Ending Explained

Nightflyers is an American sci-fi series. It is based on the novel by author George R R Martin. 

The series was aired on the American television network SyFy on December 2, 2018, and on Netflix, internationally on February 1, 2019. The first season consisted of ten episodes, which concluded on December 13, 2018. 

Nightflyers is a futuristic space mystery thriller with mild horror. The storyline is refreshingly different from any other science fiction movie and series. It gained a lot of appreciation for its visuals, creativity, and exciting cast of characters. However, the plotline was advanced and intricate, and the finale was an extreme roller coaster of events. If you’re still confused about the ending of the “Nightflyers,” here’s a detailed explanation.

Nightflyers Casts

  • Eoin Macken as Karl d’Branin
  • David Ajala as Roy Eris
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Melantha Jhirl
  • Angus Sampson as Rowan
  • Sam Strike as Thale
  • Maya Eshet as Lommie Thorne
  • Brian F.O’Byrne as Auggie
  • Gretchen Mol as Agatha Matheson

Nightflyers Season 1 Plot

Nightflyers Season 1 Plot
Nightflyers Season 1 Plot

Nightflyers is about a dedicated team of scientists’ expedition to space with the intent of contacting an alien race known as the Volcryn to get their help to save the planet. This story takes place in the year 2093. The spaceship they use to travel is known as the Nightflyer.

Astrophysicist and expedition leader Karl D’Branin uses the help of Thale, a psychic, and Thale’s psychiatrist Agatha Matheson to communicate with the alien race. Agatha Matheson is also Karl’s ex-girlfriend. 

Things start going wrong when the team arrives at the solar system’s edge. When things are not planned, the team begins questioning each other. This causes various disputes among the team, which also leads to violence and deaths. The other passengers start blaming Thale for the disruption.

Soon the crew realizes that there is something on board with them. The rest is the series is about how the crew saves the ship and themselves. 

What was the additional force inside the ship?

The evil force inside the ship turns out to be the spirit of the captain’s mother, Cynthia.

Cynthia uploaded her consciousness into the spaceship’s computer core before her death. She uses this to control everything even after her death. The volcryn energy and Cynthia’s energy start sending memory hallucinations to the spaceship crew members.

The ‘Nightflyers’ Ending Explained

The 'Nightflyers' Ending Explained
The ‘Nightflyers’ Ending Explained

A lot of things happen in the finale of Nightflyers. We finally met the Volcryn in the Season One finale. The series reveals that the handsome Captain Roy Eris is a significantly older man who lives in a tube.

Karl ends up being transported to another timeline when he steals an escape pod and shunts himself into the mouth of the Volyn. In another timeline, his daughter runs out of her room to hug and welcome him home.

Cynthia sabotages the Nightflyer, which leads to the overheating of the spaceship. But the spaceship’s systems shut down with the help of Lommie’s consciousness, which was trapped inside the ship’s computer.

It is also revealed that Mel, who had a romantic relationship with the captain, was created from a splice of Cynthia’s DNA. This makes her and the captain siblings.

Cliffhangers In The Season Finale Of Nightflyers

Cliffhangers In The Season Finale Of Nightflyers
Cliffhangers In The Season Finale Of Nightflyers

A lot of questions were left unanswered in the season finale. It is not shown if the crew survives the reboot. The finale also does not show if the crew meets Volcryn and if they end up going to their alternate realities when they meet up with the Volcryn. The finale also does not show whether Karl is still in a new reality.

Can we expect to see the second season of Nightflyers?

The network Syfy officially canceled the series by stating that it will not be renewed for Season 2. But Netflix is also the streaming partner of the series. So, there is a chance of renewal of the show by Netflix. It can be expected to be released later this year or early 2023.

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