Is Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled?

After one amazingly funny and thrilling dramatic season, Nobody’s Looking Season 2 is all set to make a giant comeback. Fans over the globe are waiting eagerly for it to drop. The show has made a home in so many television sets of so many homes around the world. There are so many loving and lovely characters on this show. The story of the show has not taken a hit since the beautifully crafted season. The show has a smashing score of 7.7/10 on IMDB.

The show follows the story of Uli as he is a new guardian angel now. This is a fantasy drama show with a lot of comedy. The storyline is absolutely phenomenal and the actions that every star cast does is beautiful. This has resulted in the famousness of the show and the anticipation for Nobody’s Looking Season 2 is worth it. The show is created by Gullane. The original language is Portuguese.

The show portrays the struggles of Angels, Heaven, Humans and so many more people involved in life and its working. The show previews the life of the earth, there are several hilarious moments in the show which make it way more palatable to everyone.

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Plot

Nobody's Looking Season 2 Plot
Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Plot

Everybody related to the show, the creators, the producers, and the cast is dead silent about the plot or any confirmation for the second season of this show. We have absolutely zero ideas about what that plot might be. As a result, all we are to do is speculate. Nobody’s Looking Season will follow the story from when Miriam Lopes Teixeira learns about Ulisses Angelus’s death and her quest to find out what was going on in his life.

We are also going to see something very great in Nobody’s Looking Season 2. We’ll also see how the new relationships between siblings are developing after a long period of time apart, as well as Greta’s growth and development beyond adolescence. The new season of the beautiful show will also take a deep look at the family dynamics and how it has been affected by Ulisses’ death.

This is only an idea of the plot we might see in Nobody’s Looking Season 2.

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Cast

Nobody's Looking Season 2 Cast
Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Cast

We currently have zero information from the official team of Nobody’s Looking about new additions to the pre-existing cast of the show. So we can not predict any new star members but we can guarantee that like all the shows, we will see some new characters being introduced to the show in Nobody’s Looking Season 2. But let us look at the cast for the last season:

  • Victor Lamoglia as Ulisses Angelus
  • Kéfera Buchmann as Miriam Lopes Teixeira
  • Júlia Rabello as Greta Angelus
  • Augusto Madeira as Fred Angelus
  • Danilo de Moura as Chun Angelus
  • Leandro Ramos as Sandro Serra
  • Telma de Souza as Wanda Angelus

We can guarantee the return of these beloved characters in the next season of the show. The show might add a new cast but we need to wait for an official confirmation regarding the same.

Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Release Date

Nobody's Looking Season 2 Release Date
Nobody’s Looking Season 2 Release Date

Bad news for all the people who are waiting for Nobody’s Looking Season 2, the creators of the show have not confirmed or renewed Nobody’s Looking for the second season. This may mean that season 1 can be the end of the iconic show that we all love. The show is a comedy and a drama and we can not forget this show while counting hit fantasy shows. But to be honest we can assume that the show will see the second season.

This is assumed on the basis of the fact that none of the cast seems to be involved in any immediate shows other than this show. And creators and distributors are making amazing profits ever since season 1 got released. So after all, we might get to see Nobody’s Looking Season 2.

If we go by real expectations the best time we can see the second season is next winter. That is the winter of 2022. But that is at the earliest since the producers and the actors need time to create, write, and produce the next season. We can expect the waiting period to 2023 as well.

Nobody’s Looking Season 1 Recap

Nobody's Looking Season 1 Recap
Nobody’s Looking Season 1 Recap

The story of Nobody’s looking is pretty simple. If we see Nobody’s Looking Season 2, it will follow the same story ahead. Till now we saw, A new guardian angelus is added for the first in 300 years into the Angelus system. But his inquisitive nature disrupts the system’s rule-governed order. As the story progresses ahead we see Uli being a rebel.

Greta gives sex a try. Chun develops feelings for a woman he’s protecting. Uli uses a costume party to help a couple fulfill a secret sexual desire. Miriam’s belief in astrology comes between her and Uli. Greta visits a witch doctor. Fred interprets Uli’s lack of punishment by the Chief as a sign.

We will not be giving any more spoilers to the story. But know this, Uli is a rebel and the first season was more of an introductory season. We will get to see more of his story in the second season. We know that there are no confirmations regarding the same but the idea is that because of such great ratings of the show the second season is inevitable. Nobody wants to let all the profits go away. And let’s hope we hear the official news for the renewal soon.

Where to Watch Nobody’s Looking Season 2?

Where to Watch Nobody's Looking Season 2?
Where to Watch Nobody’s Looking Season 2?

You will be able to watch Nobody’s Looking Season 2 when it arrives on Netflix by simply subscribing to it. Stay tuned for more updates.

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