Norn9 Ending Explained!

Norn9 is a Japanese anime series based on a Playstation game Norn9 Norun+Nonetto. The series premiered on January 7, 2016. The series received a lot of appreciation for its unique plotline and exciting characters. Here’s a detailed explanation about the finale episode of the Norn9!

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Norn9 Recap

 Norn9 Recap
Norn9 Recap

The story took place in 1919. A girl who forgot all her past comes to a ship called Norn9. She encounters an organization called The World. The organisation consists of members Mikoto Kuga, Kakeru Yuiga,Nanami Shiranui,Masamune Tōya, Sakuya Nijō, Senri Ichinose,Akito Shukuri, Ron Muroboshi, Heishi Otomaru and Itsuki Kagami.

These members have various powers that maintain the peace on earth. The girl accompanies Kakeru and helps in doing the chores. Kakeru and her end up taking care of a peach tree. While trying to pick a peach, she falls into the water. This incident makes her remember her name, which was Koharu.

During an intruder attack, Koharu discovers that she has fire manipulation skills and deflects the attack. But she ends up burning off the tree, and she decides to hide it from everyone and replant it with the last seed.

Meanwhile, in 2016, a 12-year-old noble prize winner Sorata Suzuhara goes on a school trip but hears a beautiful song that others couldn’t hear. He meets a girl and follows her, which leads him to 1919, where Koharu is. The members decide to pair up and take care of each other. Kakeru pairs up with Koharu, Akito pairs up with Nanami, and Mikoto pairs up with Sakuya. The pairs get to know each other more. The rest of the series shows how the members work together to maintain the peace of the earth.

Norn9 Ending Explained.

Norn9 Ending Explained.
Norn9 Ending Explained.

The final episode begins with Norn9 destroying all the powers and removing all the memories of every human on earth and Aion singing her last song before the planet gets destroyed. Meanwhile, Koharu couldn’t see a future without Kakeru, so she rejects the reset, which leads her fire skills to go out of control.

The reset becomes more chaotic, and they realize it was a message from Aion to test their decision during a reset. A lot of irregularity occurs, and the energy flows between the island system, and the Norn is reversed. The members realize that the whole thing would fall apart if this continues and decides to gather on the dock.

The system program deactivates, and everyone assumes it is either due to Aion’s will or the gifted have resisted the rest. Kakeru asked Koharu to evacuate with him. He insisted and walked into her flames as he didn’t want to leave without her. Koharu starts blaming herself for everything, and Kakeru explains that he wants to cherish all the memories he had with them. He wants to continue living with them. He also ensured that her fire would not burn him. Instead, it will shed light on their future. He asks her to live with him. He says he loves her and kisses her, which breaks the reset.

Meanwhile, Sorata says she wants to live with him after realizing she protected him for 200 years in cold sleep. Aine realizes all the days and memories are precious to her, and she wants him to remember her. But she also doesn’t want to bring him into a reset cycle and wants him to live in the future. So Aine lets Sorata go.

The ship collapses, and everyone evacuates and flies off in Norn9’s capsules. The crew tries to bring Koharu and Kakeru, who fell through the sky. Unfortunately, the .pressure of the winds pulled them away, and Kakeru lets go, and the ship exploded.

Half a year passes, and Akito, Nanami, and Koharu live together in a rented house of Masamune. Koharu is still not over Kakeru. Heishi and Itsuki reunite and play cards while reminiscing. Masamune becomes the president and is trying to change the world as he hopes to end the world’s conflicts. Meanwhile, Mikoto is training with Setsu and Sorata, and Natsuhiko is working as a mechanical engineer hoping that humans could land on the moon in the far future.

It is almost the new year, and Nanami received a group photo from Senri, which she gave Koharu as that was the only picture with Kakeru in it. Koharu decided to revisit Norn9 even though Nanami explained how dangerous it is to visit when the tide is at its lowest.

She visits the Norn9 and finds the peach tree she planted healthily. She starts living there and takes care of the plans. One day an aircraft arrives there. It ends up being Ron dropping off Kakeru.

The couple reunites, and he explains how he was swept away at the beach and was in a Coma for a while. He also explains that Ron rescued and arranged a ride for him to come here. It was also revealed that Kakeru received an offer from United Nations. Still, he turned that down to go back to the ship and live together with Koharu.

The series ends with all crew members in different places but unitedly wishing for the world to become a better place in the future.

You can watch it on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime.

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