Ok Computer Storyline, Plot, Release Date, Cast and Trailer

Ok Computer is a science fiction, futuristic, comedy series produced and co-written by Anand Gandhi and directed by  Pooja Shetty and Neil Pagedar. This movie is set to be released on March 26 this year (2021).  This is the first sci-fi web series project ever in India. This series is exclusively present on Disney plus Hotstar.


This is the First season of Ok Computer. A series with six- episodes. Here Radhika plays robot’s right activist and Vijay plays a cop and Jackie plays the role of acting like a guilty man in the case, along with other side castes.

They encounter each other way when there comes a case of a pedestrian getting killed by a car and that to the self-driving car. How?? Was there no driver? And if no then how someone was killed? Did that car drove itself? how did that car even drive itself? These were questions that arise for the cop Vijay (playing Hari) to solve this murder case. He concluded that this wasn’t an accident, it was a pre-planned murder. As the investigation preceded, the cop found a robot Azeeb, a murderer in this case. He signified that AI robot made by humans, for humans and now going against humans only.

But then, Radhika (playing Lakshmi) come against that and firmly believes and state that AI robots and not capable enough to harm enough. She is the one leading the private organisation for the ethical treatment of the robots named PETER, according to her in the context of AI ethics, robots can’t be harmful. Then, the scene changes when Jackie (a maniac) call himself a murderer. The cop with help of activities takes a long path to discover the true murderer.

Now, after all this will they be able to find the real murderer. Is it a human or a robot?? And if it is really a robot, they are robots going to be a boon for humans or are going to harm humans by their power. Are AI robots really dangerous for humans? This web series will reveal you to a new world of  AI robots and if they are suitable for humans or not.


There comes a car accident case in the city of a pedestrian got killed by a car. When police started an investigation on it they found something unsure. There was no driver in the car and yet that car killed a pedestrian. Hari, the cop started the investigation and found the reason AI behind it. He started to think and do negatively against AI robots. He kept thinking that robots are harmful to humans and they are going against their ethics.

All blame was on AI robots. But Lakshmi, a robot right activist was against the case thinking, opposing that robots could harm humans. And are boon for humans and the world. She wasn’t ready to give AI robots as pedestrian murders. As if this wasn’t enough to solve the case, Jackie comes in light saying he is the murderer but that was not enough to believe him. Then they start together to find the real culprit behind it.

Ok Computer Trailer

Ok Computer Cast

Radhika Apte
Radhika Apte

As: Laxmi Suri

Vijay Verma
Vijay Verma

As: Saajan Kundu

Jackie Shroff
Jackie Shroff

As: Pushpak Shakur

Kani Kusruti
Kani Kusruti

As: Monalisa Paul

Rasika Dugal
rasika dugal

As: Satoshi

Ratnabali Bhattacharjee
Ratnabali Bhattacharjee

As: Trisha Singh

Ullas Mohan
ullas mohan

As: Ajeeb

Vibha Chhibber
vibha chhibber

As: Deepa Chandra Prasad

Sarang Sathaye
sarang sathaye

As: Ashfaq Auliya

Alok Ulfat.

As: Nigel Paudwal

Ok Computer Crew

Director – Neil Pagedar, Pooja Shetty

Writing – Anand Gandhi , Neil Pagedar, Pooja Shetty

Produced by – Anand Gandhi , Neil Pagedar, Pooja Shetty

Executive producer – Abhijit Ghatak, Pooja gupta, Nikhil Madhok, Zain Memon, Avani saxena

Assistant producer- Nidhi Shetty

Post producer – Shilpan Vyas Tinu

Music – Gabriel Prokofiev

Cinematography – Diego Guijarro

Film editing – Charu Takkar

Casting by –  Vaibhav Vishant

Costume design- Malvika Bajaj , Ashima Gandhi

Script supervisor –  Sejal Randive

Editorial department – Andres  Delgado , Sinha Dikshya



Ok Computer Filming Location

Ahmedabad , Gujarat , India

Why to watch it?

This series will take you into the AI world and make you fascinated with plots and characters and the role everyone played.

You can watch the trailer and get to know how interesting and fascinating thIs series is! I highly recommend you watch this series to quench your curiosity about the real murderer behind the pedestrian case.

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