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Queen Sugar Season 7 – Renewed or Cancelled?

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If you’re a fan, I have news for you (and it’s bad)- Queen Sugar season 7 stands renewed but will be the final season.

Prepare to bid farewell to the fictitious Louisiana family, who got together at the beginning of the first year to maintain their family farm and have been through a lot subsequently.

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Ava DuVernay developed and executive produced Queen Sugar, an American drama tv show, with Oprah Winfrey working as an executive producer. The first two episodes were likewise directed by DuVernay. 

The show is based on American author Natalie Baszile’s 2014 novel of the same name. Queen Sugar focuses on the lives of 3 siblings in remote Louisiana (Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, and Kofi Siriboe) as they struggle with the consequences of their dad’s untimely loss and determine what to do with his 800-acre sugarcane plantation.

 The show’s popular themes frequently accompany stories on racial discrimination, the prolonged exposure to chattel slavery in American history, disparities in the judicial system, as well as other issues concerning African Americans, making the show a favorite among fans.

Here’s all you could possibly need to know about Queen Sugar season 7.

About Sugar Queen

About Sugar Queen
About Sugar Queen

The show focuses on the lives of three siblings in remote Louisiana: Nova Bordelon (Rutina Wesley), a fearless reporter and advocate from New Orleans, Charley Bordelon (Dawn-Lyen Gardner), a working mother and wife in Los Angeles, and their brother, Ralph Angel Bordelon (Kofi Siriboe), a single parent trying to cope with joblessness and trying to raise his child alone.

Their dad died suddenly and left his 800-acre sugarcane property in Louisiana in equal portions to every one of his 3 kids. Charley, who has recently separated from her because her husband is involved in a scandalous, torrid affair, moves to Louisiana’s countryside with her son Micah to run the farm.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Plot – Crew Comments

Queen Sugar Season 7 Plot - Crew Comments
Queen Sugar Season 7 Plot – Crew Comments

As for Queen Sugar season 7, what the end of the show holds is only hinted at and the details stand unknown.

“I didn’t think about how to get to the end, I just know what the end will be. I’m excited about where it’s all going, so, as we start writing more, the adventure will be to take steps to get to the end of the journey,” DuVernay recently commented.

Hopefully, the plot will end happily. “Black joy looks good on this family,” Lifford says, thinking about the happy season six finale, and what it means for season seven. “It can’t and won’t be all good times all the time, but this is a start.”

DuVerney also commented the following:

“To everything, there is a season. And my producing partner Paul Garnes and I have had seven gorgeous seasons making Queen Sugar with a remarkable cast and crew, alongside our partners at OWN and Warner Bros. Television.”

Ava continued: “To write and produce seven seasons of a modern drama centered on a Black family is a radical act in our industry and a triumph that has far exceeded every hope I held. Now I feel strongly that the story, which began as a sunrise of a suggestion from Oprah, is ready for its sunset as a dream fully realized. Queen Sugar has been one of the true joys of my career, and my gratitude is buoyant and boundless.”

Oprah said, “I LOVE this show so much. Thank you all for echoing that love by watching.”

Sugar Queen Season 7 Release Date

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date
Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Queen Sugar will resurface in 2022, although no timeline has been revealed. As per OWN, Queen Sugar’s storyline and writing room have made significant progress on the screenplays, and shooting will begin in 2022.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Cast

Sugar Queen Season 7 Cast
Sugar Queen Season 7 Cast

All the original characters will return.

  • Rutina Wesley as Nova Bordelon, the eldest Bordelon child. She is a journalist, activist and healer in New Orleans.
  • Dawn-Lyen Gardner as Charlotte “Charley” Bordelon West, the second Bordelon child. She was conceived when their father Ernest moved west and married a white woman. She is the biracial half sibling to Nova and Ralph Angel, sports manager, mother of Micah and ex-wife of Davis West.
  • Kofi Siriboe as Ralph Angel Bordelon, the youngest Bordelon sibling. He is looking to better himself after recently being released from prison. Tied strongly to his family land.
  • Nicholas L. Ashe as Micah West, Charley’s and Davis’ teenage son.
  • Omar Dorsey as Hollingsworth “Hollywood” Desonier, a much younger oil rig worker, husband to Violet, and friend of the Bordelon family.
  • Dondre Whitfield as Remy Newell, an irrigation specialist who was a friend and confidante to Ernest. He soon tries to help Ernest’s grown children and soon becomes Charley’s love interest
  • Timon Kyle Durrett as Davis West, a charismatic star basketball player, ex-husband of Charley, and father of Micah. His involvement in a sex scandal resulted in the end of their marriage
  • Greg Vaughan as Calvin Gaston, a married police officer and Nova Bordelon’s longtime secret lover
  • Ethan Hutchison as Blue Bordelon, Ralph Angel’s and Darla’s six-year-old son.
  • Marycarmen Lopez as Reyna Velez, Blue’s elementary school teacher and Ralph Angel’s love interest
  • Tina Lifford as Violet Bordelon, the younger sister of Ernest Bordelon. She acts as the matriarch of the family and lives with her husband, Hollywood.
  • Bianca Lawson as Darla Sutton, Ralph Angel’s wife and Blue’s mother, seeking to reconnect with them both as she is in recovery from a drug addiction.
  • Henry G. Sanders as Prosper Denton, a lifelong friend to Ernest and fellow farmer
  • Walter Perez as Romero Rodriguez, a doctor and love interest to Charley Tammy Townsend as Billie, Prosper’s estranged daughter

That’s about it for now! Stay tuned for further updates about Queen Sugar season 7!

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