Remarriage And Desires Season 1 Finale Explanation, Plot, and More!

We have made it to the end of a beautiful yet haunting show: Remarriage And Desires. It focused at its core on rivalries and power battles. It was about the elite culture and how toxic it gets. The episode started with where we left it in the seventh episode of Remarriage and Desires. Min-Ji is still in hospital in critical condition, Hye-Seung is there with her riddled with grief and anger. Hyung-Ju rushes to the hospital to be by her side. It is found out that Yoo-Hui is involved in the attempt to kill Mij-Ji. Hye-Seung wants the driver to be killed. To our absolute relief, Min-Ji wakes up. She is out of critical condition and will live.

Remarriage And Desires Season 1 finale continues, when all of this is going on you can see the clear power struggle and rivalry between Yoo-Hui and Hye-Seung. The Chairman’s son wants Hyung-Ju to marry Yoo-Hui for their own personal motive. This is so that they can protect the merger between Hibull and Lionsoft. The story gets interesting now. Hye-Seung confronts the son with the proof that Yoo-Hui had the hand in trying to get Min-Ji killed but he does not budge.

This is where we see a very powerful moment. Hye-Seung now wants to take both of them down. Enough is enough. She is raging with anger and grief and she is not going to leave any stone unturned to give them what they did to her back. It comes as a shocker that Mrs. Choi is not at all interested in stopping her. But she is interested in her husband’s company. She is like a sneaky snake taking control of the company while her husband is down with bad health. Remarriage And Desires it seems is only getting started.

Remarriage And Desires Epilogue

Remarriage And Desires Epilogue
Remarriage And Desires Epilogue

The ending comes close. There is somewhat of a happy ending for the good guys. There is a bit of confusion when we think that Hye-Seung has been kidnapped. Not just kidnapped but she might have been crushed to death by Ae-Ran. But wait, there is another twist, Hyung-Ju suddenly agrees to marry Yoo-Hui leaving us in anguish about what in the devil’s name is going on? But as it turns out, it was all a ruse, in order to expose Yoo-Hui. Remarriage And Desires finale is coming to a halt.

Hyung-Ju gets successful, he outs Yoo-Hui for killing Nam-Sik and attempting to kill Min-Ji. Ae-Ran on the other hand has been successful in procuring evidence against the son and Hye-Seung and well and alive. This is all coming down now. Son is going down. There are no more arrows in his quiver. But despite Yoo-hui’s claims to the contrary, it really does seem like this rivalry is over.

And then one of the best parts comes, we see Hyung-Ju and Hye-Seung get married. They have found their own personal happiness. It looks like such a happy ending for Remarriage and Desires.

But the creators had one last thing in store for us.

Before we see the ceremony, we cut across to Yoo-Sun packing up her things and closing down Rex High-Quality Marriage. However, she’s approached by a guy who shows up and decides that they should team up together and start anew. “I want what I want.”. As the pair sit opposite one another, the episode comes to a close. This is such a teaser for Remarriage And Desires Season 2. Is Yoo-Hui truly gone? Will the son never do anything again? What about Mrs. Choi?

Stay tuned for more updates!

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