Remarriage And Desires Season 1 Filming Location, Plot, and More!

Remarriage And Desires have taken the world by surprise by sort of revolutionizing the way we have been viewing Korean Dramas for the last few years. The show is based on the elite culture of marriage and how it is absolutely important to have an ideal wife and how should a woman behave and all those boundaries that the elites set for an elegant & sophisticated woman.

But this show has shattered the glass ceilings and all the presumptions you have been making about women. This show is about a power rift between two women despite being good or evil or bad or whatever adjective you want to give them. They are both strong and independent women. They are taking the narratives into their own hands.

Remarriage And Desires have gotten a whopping score of 7.6/10 on IMDB and this is just the starting. We have to wait and watch how it rockets upwards from here. Everyone is now wondering about the Netflix Show Remarriage And Desires Season 2.

Where Was Remarriage And Desires Filmed?

Where Was Remarriage And Desires Filmed_
Where Was Remarriage And Desires Filmed_

Remarriage And Desires is a great Korean show. It was filmed in South Korea and all the filming locations were exceptionally beautiful, unique, and had an elite feeling about them. This is what the trope and plot of the story and show demanded from the locations. After watching the show one thing is certain, the show left no stone unturned in order to find the perfect locations for every scene.

This is very true to say that locations do matter when you are filming a show such as this. It is very hard to portray such elite storylines especially when they are Makjang and can not really happen. Where was it filmed then? The show was filmed in Gangnam-gu and Seoul. Both are exceptionally beautiful sceneries and locations. You can see in certain scenes even when they are in a car or they are simply walking, the locations portrayed have a beam of royalty in them.

This comes from having a good sense of locations in the scenes. You need to know what the show is demanding from the camera. Where do you want to set the characters when they hold hands, where there is a car chase, or even when the main character has some sort of a grief-ridden moment. This is the perfect amalgamation of all those arenas. Choosing such locations led us to believe Apex Matrimonial Company exists in reality.

The show was about the power struggle between Hye-Seung and Yoo-Hui. Both are extremely powerful and strong. The story was about the rich marriage culture of Korea and you can say that it did justify that people will go to any extent to achieve a successful marriage which in reality is nothing but a good business deal. The show has been a hit till now and it is a must-watch for all those who love any genre of Korean drama from Crime to Romance to Mystery, Remarriage, And Desires has you all covered. You can stream the show on Netflix.

Remarriage and Desires Season 2 is definitely going to follow the story continued from the first season. However, we have no spoilers or any idea about where Apple productions are going to end the first one. To be very specific, Remarriage and Desires season 1 is going to have a total of twelve episodes in the show. We will see the introduction and the trope and there are some things that we can make out of the trailer of the show

Stay tuned for more updates!

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