Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Story, and More

The stop-motion cartoon series Rilakkuma and Kaoru (, Rirakkuma to Kaoru-san), which was produced in 2019 by Dwarf Studio and San-X, had its Netflix debut on April 19, 2019. Another stop-motion cartoon, Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure, will debut on Netflix in October 2020, it was reported. The same production team from the last series will work on this one. Rilakkuma’s Theme Park Adventure will be made available exclusively on Netflix worldwide on August 25, 2022, according to a statement made by San-X on its Japanese website.

Beautiful life lessons are woven into Kaoru’s journey throughout the series. All generations and ages of viewers find anime appealing. Fans have been demanding a sequel for almost two years since the last episode of the show.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Voice Artists

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Voice Artists
Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Voice Artists

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 may have the same voice artists as Season 1. Let’s meet the voice artists and their characters.

  • Rilakkuma, a soft toy bear
  • Korilakkuma, a small soft toy bear
  • Kiiroitori, a pet duck
  • Mikako Tabe (Japanese); Lana Condor (English) as Kaoru
  • Takayuki Yamada (Japanese); Chris Hackney (English) as Hayate
  • Souki Matsumoto (Japanese); Veronica Taylor (English) as Tokio 
  • Mai Kanazawa (Japanese); Melissa Fahn (English) as Sayu

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Story

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Story
Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Story

A diligent woman and a lazy bear are central characters in this stop-motion anime series. Kaoru is the complete opposite of Rilakkuma in that he likes to sleep all day. But this is not portrayed negatively. It has been established that getting some sleep is both important and healthy for the body and spirit.

The struggle of Kaoru with a run of bad luck was seen by the audience, as well as how Korilakkuma, another teddy bear, and her pet bear assisted her. She was accompanied by the diligent, hardworking dick Kiiroitori. Kaoru’s bittersweet time with Rilakkuma as they start to develop a relationship is the main subject of the entire season.

The program is designed for those who strive to live each day to the fullest, who put up a lot of effort, and who don’t let setbacks get them down. The main subject is Kaoru and Rilakkuma’s conflicted relationship. The show’s comments on Japanese culture and world culture in the context of the current exploitative capitalism systems set it apart from other television programming.

It goes without saying that today’s workers are treated like tools and reified as whatever the market will bear. In addition to doing this, it also compels workers to think creatively in order to stay competitive.

As a result, many people experienced rapid burnout, breakdowns, and concerns with their physical or developmental health. Because she puts in a lot of effort at work, Kaoru has a similar problem. Not just in Japan, but elsewhere in the world, it is the same. We all require a Rilakkuma to serve as a constant reminder of the importance of periodic breaks for our productivity.

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Release Date

Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Release Date
Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 Release Date

Children and adults alike adored the first season of Rilakkuma and Kaoru. The anime was a huge success during its initial run, and everyone should adore it for its cute appeal. This gave the impression that the first season ended abruptly, and as a result, fans are begging for Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2.

If you have a Netflix subscription and have been an avid anime viewer for some time, you should be aware that Netflix does not own a tonne of shows. Rilakkuma and Kaoru are one of the anime series in which Netflix has recently made a significant financial investment.

Regrettably, neither Netflix nor Dwarf Studio have made any statements regarding the show’s future. There is no formal proof that Rilakkuma and Kaoru were killed off in season one, though it seems clear that the show stopped there. On the other side, the show’s contract was not extended for Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2.

Though there’s a chance Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 won’t air. Netflix may decide to revive this series because of their prior interest in anime. Because of the show’s strong ratings, Netflix and the creators may decide to make a second season. Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 developments will be kept in the loop for you.

What Will Be The Plotline Of Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2?

What Will Be The Plotline Of Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2_
What Will Be The Plotline Of Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2_

The plot of Ted, a well-liked Hollywood film, is somewhat similar to Rilakkuma and Kaoru’s narrative. The tale of this animated film opens with the introduction of two characters by the names of Rilakkuma and Kaoru, which is also the title of the program. In contrast to the lethargic yet cute bear Rilakkuma, Kaoru is a committed and hard-working lady who is focused on her career.

With some of the best messages for kids, this series is primarily geared toward children. Kids typically learn more from visual representations of information, as you may already be aware. This means that these two characters will act as idols. You may anticipate a terrific story because there haven’t been any bad remarks about it so yet.

When it comes to the characters Kaoru and Rilakkuma, Kaoru’s diligence and commitment will help your child understand how crucial a role these two items play in a person’s life. While you might assume that Rilakkuma might instill bad ideals in you or your child, he wouldn’t. As good as any other, our fluffy Rilakkuma is wonderful. Despite his laziness, the sitcom never fails to highlight his positive traits. The most crucial components of life are having a good time, eating, and sleeping, all of which should be balanced for optimal health. Despite the lack of action and dramatic sequences, the show’s message is incredible.

Where To Watch Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2?

You can stream the Japanese animated series Rilakkuma and Kaoru on Netflix. The well-known streaming service has the show available for viewing. The English language and the subtitle are available in addition to it. Rilakkuma and Kaoru Season 2 may have the same platform as Season 1 as it is not officially announced.

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