Road Wars Season 7 Ending Explained: Did Vader keep Ahsoka’s lightsabers?

Road Wars is a police reality television program fashioned by Raw Cut TV for British Sky Broadcasting and a program on Sky1 from 2003 to 2010. From Series 1, the show was recounted by actor Lee Boardman. The 2nd half of series seven was recounted by thespian Claire Goose.

A police dog coach and his German shepherd track the motorists of a crashed stolen car, and a hazardous driver is boxed in on a dual thoroughfare. Officers track down a car encumbered with cocaine, so here we have summarized the whole series, and it has SPOILERS.

Road Wars Season 7 Recap

Road Wars Season 7 Recap
Road Wars Season 7 Recap

At first, we can see that Giles and Roger call in for support when a driver races past them on the motorway; Gareth and Finn, the police dog, are called to a division where two drunk men are prepared with weapons. In the following episode, shows In Exeter, Steve and Razor rush to detain a trespasser caught in marvelous car windows; Mike and Chris target a silver car allegedly involved in the drug trade.

The next episode shows Lee and Sharp heading to an Exmouth kebab shop where a novice Marine acts belligerently; the TAG cooks to carry out a drug raid on an alleged dealer. In the following episode, while TAG heads to Torquay for a drugs raid, Gary resolves to host his hoedown; new dog handler Colin rushes to a scene where a gang of youths has damaged a security guard’s car window.

Next, we can see The fly-on-the-wall series endures to put viewers on the front line of policing. From high-speed hunts to quick-tempered confrontations, find out how the services contest crime in Britain. Then we can see that Darryl heads to Exmouth to help fellow captains dealing with a young man who is menacing his family; Roger and Mark wait patiently on the motorway for a car suspected to be involved in the supply of drugs.

The next episode shows The Road Crime Unit making an incredible discovery after pulling over a car, and dog handler Steve and his faithful friend pursue a suspect.

Meanwhile, the Tactical Aid Assembly raids an apartment. The season finale shows Road Crime Unit officers Giles and Roger are flagged down in Plymouth when an affiliate of the public is whispered to be having a heart attack. Dog handler Lee deals with two separate incidents involving men armed with knives. In the meantime, scandalous CCTV footage from Scotland represents a boy jumping into the path of a looming bus.

Did Vader keep Ahsoka’s lightsabers?

Did Vader keep Ahsoka's lightsabers
Did Vader keep Ahsoka’s lightsabers

After the founding of the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader was landowning on an unnamed moon and found Ahsoka Tano’s lightsaber. After collateral it to be hers, he pinched the lightsaber and used it to signal that his former beginner was dead.

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