Run The World Season 1 Ending Explained

Run the World premiered on Starz on May 16, 2021. The show received much positive feedback for its refreshing and relatable storyline! The plot focuses on the life of four beautiful and intelligent women. Here’s a recap on season 1 of Run the World and a detailed explanation of the ending(lots of spoilers ahead!)

Run The World Season 1 Cast

  • Amber Stevens West as Whitney Green
  • Andrea Bordeaux as Ella McFair
  • Bresha Webb as Renee Ross
  • Corbin Reid as Sondi Hil
  • Tosin Morohunfola as Olabisi “Ola” Adeyemo
  • Stephen Bishop as Matthew Powel

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Run The World Season 1 Summary

Run The World Season 1 Summary
Run The World Season 1 Summary

The eight episodes in the 1st season show all the relationship problems of the show’s four main characters. The first episode does a fantastic job of introducing us to these four main characters.

Ella is still attracted to her ex, Whitney is about to get married, and she feels she hasn’t experienced enough in her life. Renee is about to get divorced, and Sondhi is in a relationship with her professor. She feels she won’t be taken seriously as a scholar because of her relationship. The four leads have fantastic chemistry with one another.

When Sondhi takes Amari(her boyfriend’s daughter) to her ballet class and signs her up for the advanced level, the instructor thinks Amari is underprivileged and tells Sondhi she’ll have to follow some nutritional instructions guidelines because of her ethnicity and body type. Sondhi immediately removes Amari from the school, which makes Matthew feel like she is overstepped. This event causes a problem in their relationship.

Due to the flop of her book, Ella starts working on a website. Her new boss assigned her to a “Legends Party,” which was held by a rapper. Ella brings Whitney and Renee to the club, and she’s shocked to see that the bodyguards won’t let her or her friends into the VIP section because they’re too old.

After getting into the VIP section, Whitney sleeps with a guy at the club, and Ella sleeps with Brian, who helped her get into the VIP section.

Renee meets with her college friend Mia, who was a Vice President at L’Oreal Cosmetics. Renee pitches for the brand. Renee’s pitch impresses Mia. Despite Renee’s efforts in bringing in the L’Oreal pitch, she gets a supporting role under her much younger white male colleague. Feeling disrespected, Renee quits.

At the marriage counseling session, Ola points out that Whitney has been distant lately, which she blames on her busy job and overwhelming wedding plans. But in reality, she feels guilty for that one-night stand, and she finally confesses it to Sondhi, who encourages her to come clean to Ola.

Run The World Season 1 Ending Explained

Run The World Season 1 Ending Explained
Run The World Season 1 Ending Explained

In the finale episode of Run the World, Whitney admits to her fiance that she slept with someone else, making Whitney miss her bachelorette party.

Sondhi, Renee, Ella, and Whitney’s maid of honor, Hope, end up having a horrible night at Whitney’s bachelorette party. Things don’t go as planned. Also, during that night, Anderson and Ella become official again.

Sondhi facetime with Amari, and Amari asks Sondhi to sing her to sleep. This makes Sondhi realize how much she loves them.

Ola tells Whitney that he needs time to think. After hearing this, Whitney finally arrives at her bachelorette party to seek comfort from her girlfriends. The episode ends with Ella sneaking to the bathroom to start writing the first chapter of her new book.

Run The World Season 2 Updates

Run The World Season 2 Updates
Run The World Season 2 Updates

Run the World is returning to Starz for a second season, and three new actors have been added to the cast- Tika Sumpter, CP, and Isha Blaaker.

Cree Summer, Ashley Blaine Featherson-Jenkins, and Rachelle Williams-BenAry will also guest star in season two.

There are no formal announcements about season 2. But it is expected that the release date will be released shortly.

Where to Watch Run The World?

You can watch the series on Amazon prime.

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